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Cathryn 2

EFT For Spiritual Fitness

Thursday 12pm eastern

EFT for Spiritual Fitness

Do you feel overwhelmed–over-amped–over informed?
Are you always on the go, but never seem to get anywhere?
Do you sometimes feel as though you are sitting at a stop sign waiting for the light to change?

You are not alone!

The latest research suggests that technological advances have surpassed our brain’s ability to process the input. We are overloaded and over-stimulated with a barrage of information and constant electronic contact.

Think about it.

When was the last time you relaxed without your smart phone, iPad, or laptop? Most of us are constantly plugged in and have become more and more disconnected from ourselves, our Creator, and each other. We have lost our ability to relax and many are saying we have become a planet of “stress-o-holics” suffering from “Global Post Traumatic Stress!”

But there is hope!

Greetings! I’m Cathryn Taylor, and I am here to tell you that you can literally “tap” your way through the energetic overload back to a state of relaxation and attain what I have come to call, “Spiritual Fitness.” I am a licensed Family Therapist and Addiction Counselor, and a best-selling author. I am an Akashic Records Consultant and am certified as a practitioner of the user-friendly, self-administered form of acupressure called EFT. I combine my over forty years of experience in the fields of mental and spiritual health with this innovative, time-proven, energy therapy known as EFT to offer you a way to attain “Spiritual Fitness” for your body, mind, heart, and soul.

So, what exactly IS “Spiritual Fitness” and why would YOU want it?

“Spiritual Fitness” is developing the art of relaxing. It is learning how to exchange the adrenalin-based reactivity for a more peaceful, serotonin-response to your world. It is relearning how to be mindful and accountable for every aspect of your psyche. In short, Spiritual Fitness is the never-ending pursuit of slowing down enough to be present because when you are present your life works. It works because when you are spiritually fit you are no longer a victim of the circumstances of your life. Instead, you learn how to be a student of them. You become equipped to relate to life’s challenges as opportunities to grow, both physically and spiritually. You learn how to allow joy, receive abundance, attract healthy relationships, and design right livelihood. But most importantly−you remember what it means to be happy.

These are the promises of being spiritually fit, and it is because of these promises that I am thrilled to partner with Bold Brave Media Global Network and Tunen Radio to host my new show called, “EFT for Spiritual Fitness.”

I want you to experience these promises. I want to stimulate thoughts and generate conversations that will give hope and inspire growth. I want to assist and encourage you to develop your own unique recipe for “Spiritual Fitness.” I want to guide you to design your own list of protocols, food plans, exercises, and forms of meditation that will ensure your ability to obtain and sustain your ever-evolving “Spiritual Fitness.”

In each broadcast, I will offer practical, user-friendly methods to expand and move through any resistance you might find yourself confronting. I will be inviting experts from varied health fields to add to the illuminating conversations about your spiritual health. We will discuss your physical challenges−addictions, ailments, and allergies. I will teach you how to connect with your inner child and right old wrongs; how to listen to your Soul, embrace the significance of past lives, and connect with loved ones on the other side. We will even delve into the new brain science and explore the techniques that can be used to rewire your brain, reprogram the DNA of every cell, and reconfigure the electromagnetic field around you.

So won’t you join every Thursday at noon EST for this lively discussion on the many aspects of “Spiritual Fitness”? You don’t have to agree with me. We do not have to dispute or defend. But we can discuss your thoughts and ideas and my thoughts and
Ideas and together we can expand and grow.



Cathryn Taylor has been a licensed family therapist and addiction counselor for nearly 40 years, She is considered by many to be the “Mother of Inner Child Work,” for her pioneering The Inner Child Workbook: What To Do With Your Past When It Just Won’t Go Away. It was one of the first books to link adult challenges with childhood experiences. First published in 1991, today the book is considered a classic in the inner child field, and positioned Cathryn as one of its leading experts.

Cathryn has continued to evolve her approach multi-dimensionally. She brilliantly combines the latest and most innovative techniques for change with her expertise melding them into an efficient, user-friendly process. This integration includes the revolutionary energy therapy commonly known as EFT, (a self-administered form of acupressure), methods to access past life information, and tenets of the new brain science.

Cathryn’s process connects adult challenges to childhood traumas then takes it a step further by exploring the soul significance of these experiences. According to Cathryn, “A child experiences trauma differently than an adult. As a child we are powerless, a victim of our circumstances. But as a conscious adult, we get clarity. We view past situations differently. Blend in the soul’s perspective, and we begin to see a spiritual opportunity for growth.” This new perspective is empowering. This line of discovery provides the context for healing and moving forward. And Cathryn’s signature Interactive EFT Tapping Technique is the active ingredient that ensures this successful change.

For more information please visit Cathryn’s website which is HYPERLINK “” or contact her directly at 612.710.7720 for a free 15-minute Assessment.

Listen Thursdays 12pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Karen 4

Get Off The Hot Mess Express

Thursdays 8pm eastern.


This show is an amazing platform for sharing inspirational, unfiltered conversations and stories about finding meaning, happiness, purpose, motivation, spirituality, love, confidence, and success in love and life.

I’m here to help you see your world differently. Because when you see your world differently, you show up differently, and you create results that looked impossible only a moment before.

I’m here to remind you that we have huge personal power to direct, drive, and change our lives.  Nothing is impossible. All that’s required is a shift in mindset and a commitment to action.

I’m here to support you in your goal of finding more love and joy in your day-to-day life. One of my jobs as a relationship coach is helping people remove any obstacles that are preventing them from finding and committing to lasting love. Love could be from a friend, a pet or a romantic partner, or it could be finding more love and patience with yourself as you go through a difficult transition. Whatever it is, I invite you to hold on to my belief that love exists and that it is possible to find the love you’re looking for until you get comfortable holding that as one of YOUR beliefs… and I promise you, you will get there, I totally believe in you.
I want to be a stand for you going after your dreams. You can’t succeed without your own permission, and nobody can get in your way unless you let them. I’m here to support you in getting out of your own way so you can be who you truly are, have what you really want, give what you are truly capable of, and achieve more than you ever thought possible.
This show will be full of practical and spiritual advice and action steps to help you progress along your personal growth journey.

As a listener, you will learn so much about yourself and other people. When you hear someone else’s journey, you’ll likely gain a better understanding of yourself, your spouse/partner, and even your best friend. But intellectual awareness of our issues/struggles/self-defeating patterns, etc. doesn’t integrate with our heart until we make a shift in behavior.

On this show, we’ll be creating a safe place for being vulnerable and authentic, both of which are incredibly powerful. Most people believe that vulnerability is weakness. But really, vulnerability is courage. We must ask ourselves …. Are we willing to show up and be seen? Authenticity and vulnerability are about taking off the mask and just being real. It’s about self-acceptance and really loving who you are and not giving a damn what other people think of you.  What is engrained in us is love. Love is our innate state of being, and we cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known. What many of us need to deprogram are our feelings of unworthiness, comparison envy, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. 

Oftentimes, we disempower ourselves by thinking we are victims of life instead of creators and designers of our reality and our future. Victims live in their default future – it’s the future that will take place from moment to moment when no further thought, intention, or commitment is brought to it. If you take where those folks are in this moment, you can extrapolate to where their lives will be five, ten, twenty years down the road.

I want this show to be the catalyst for you to start taking risks and living the life of your dreams instead of your default future. Instead of being a victim, I want you to adopt a growth mindset and become a seeker (what am I learning? How can I see this situation differently?). You’ll see that it is possible to re-write the future. It is possible to be an exception. It is possible to live an exponential life.

Don’t let your failures dictate your beliefs. Every great champion lost more times than they won, but they didn’t allow their mindset to be shaken nor take their focus off their vision. Instead of worrying about failure, think about the opportunities you miss when you don’t even try. Because it’s not who are ARE that holds you back. It’s who you THINK you’re not.

Remember, you are not what happened to you. You are what you CHOOSE to become. Never allow the struggles from your past hold you back from believing you can create a new future.

And by the way, I live and breathe the stuff I teach and offer you on this show. And when I fall down – because I’m human so I do — I talk openly about it on the show and in my blog!

Karen McGuire

Karen left her 14-plus year career as a successful attorney to pursue my dream of serving others as a transformational relationship and career coach.  She’s committed to helping people find their purpose, achieve their dreams, and discover their place of insane passion and joy in their careers and relationships.

“The catalyst for doing what I love today – helping people lead richer, more fulfilling, and truly exceptional lives — was my suffering.  As an attorney, I felt drained by my day-to-day existence, and I constantly found myself thinking “surely there’s more to life than this?” But I felt obligated to keep practicing law because I worked so hard to get there. And it was my identity: It’s all everyone knew me as, and it was all I ever knew myself as.
But I dreaded each day. My heart pulled me to follow the calling in my heart to be of service to others. I yearned to achieve success and fulfillment on my own terms, but I was afraid. Fear constantly reminded me of what could go wrong. Fear told me that I wasn’t smart or gifted enough to be anything other than a lawyer. The snarky voice of fear in my head often asked me “Who are you to be a coach?” and “Who are you to teach others?” Fear chastised me for wanting happiness, fulfillment, and success on my terms. Because I let fear direct my life, I remained stuck.”

“And then one day I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore. At that point, I promised myself to dig in, figure out who I really was, what I really wanted, and how I was going to get it. So, I walked away from my old, comfortable, lucrative career and set out on a path into the unknown.  It was one of the scariest – yet liberating – days of my life.”

“My career transition from attorney to coach has been amazing. But it also tested my marriage. Initially, my husband didn’t understand or support my dream of coaching. The change left our relationship feeling unmoored, and at times it felt like a tide that would overwhelm us. To stay afloat, we’ve had to improve our communication (particularly regarding our financial concerns and goals), resuscitate our friendship and trust, and be intentional about meeting each other’s needs and creating space for affection, passion, and intimacy.”

GET OFF THE HOT MESS EXPRESS Thursdays 8pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Barbara Rose 6

Welcome in Wellness

Wednesdays 7pm eastern

“My Passion: is to enlighten, inspire, and dare people to take charge of their life being healthier, happier, and heart-centered.”

“I am a guide, a catalyst for change. I invent ways and processes for doing anything, especially for communicating. I laugh easily and get others to laugh. People say I change the energy because I am eternally positive. They say wherever I am I seem to cause things to shift and get better.
I am curious, playful, inspiring and empowering. I see wonder and magnificence all around me without judgement or attachment for we are much more than our physical appearance.”

Barbara has worked as a Certified Nephrology RN for 17 years with the last 5 years as Educator, and as the weekend Charge Nurse in Residential Hospice facility for nearly 8 years.

She embarked on a new career path 20 years ago when she moved to East TN and created Rose Wellness. She has had life-long interest in health and nutrition, movement, prayer, meditation, and the connection that they all have to each other and to health and wellness. She believes despite what is going on in our environment, everyone can be healthy.

“I have faith in people’s ability to heal themselves, if they are supported and guided toward their goals. My passion is to inspire, guide, and teach people who are willing to take the required action steps. People may decide to take what I offer and use it as a guiding force for changing the state of their health, or not. The choice is theirs. Rather than push, I offer guidance without judgement or attachment to the outcome. I believe in adaptability—that one works with what one has.”

Visit Barbara:

Listen live Wednesdays 7pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Barbara Hardie 2

Angel Connections

Wednesdays 3pm eastern.

Founder & Director of Angel Connections.  Award-winning author of 3 books:  Creating Heaven on Earth:  A Guide to Personal Ascension; Soul Releasement:  Assisting Souls Into the Light; and Darkness:  Where Does It Come From?  She is currently working on her 4th book on the subject of “Miracles”.  She’s an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Certified Spiritual Healer, Medium & Counselor, International Lecturer, and Certified Master Hypnotherapist.  Host of the Angel Connections Internet Radio Show – on BBM Global Network and Tune-In Radio scheduled to air every Wednesday at 3:00 pm ET (beginning July 5th).   She offers Angel and/or Soul Purpose Readings as well as Soul Releasement sessions.  Barbara can be contacted at 413-258-0228,, or

I was guided to connecting, communicating and working with Angels and have discovered what a positive difference it has made in my life and the lives of others.  It is the birthright of every human to connect with their Heavenly Helpers, if they so desire.  Barbara discusses key factors for opening a clear, direct line of communication with the Angel Kingdom, the major role the Angels have in our lives, what the Angels can and cannot do for us, and a simple exercise to connect with their Heavenly Helpers.

Listen Live Wednesdays 3pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!


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Living Without Lies

Mondays 8pm eastern.

Living Without Lies:  Donna Warren is the co-founder of The Living Without Lies Foundation, the owner of DPW Enterprises which provides web design and copy writing services to both businesses and individuals, and a college professor who teaches computer networking as an adjunct professor at two colleges in the greater Philadelphia area.

Donna considers her greatest achievement to be raising two sons that are good, decent men who are independent, self-supporting, contributing members of society.

Donna’s quit school at 16 and got married. Her first career was as a criminal. She had developed both a drug and alcohol problem. She eventually killed her abusive first husband and was charged with first degree murder. Her case was non-suited with prejudice and she was released. It took her several years to straighten out her life.

After 25 years of being afraid that someone would find out about her background, she wrote and published her autobiography and created a self- help program based on what she had to do to straighten out her life called the “Living Without Lies Program”.

In 2012, Donna met her co-founder, Catherine Canady, also a former drug addict and child rape victim. The two hit it off immediately and over time became best friends. In 2015, they created The Living Without Lies Foundation, which is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit corporation. Their first project is to open a woman’s shelter in North Philadelphia whose target population are women from age 19 to 90 and services to help them to reenter society as independent, self-supporting, contributing members of society.

Donna feels that she is blessed and wants to give back as she got to where she is with the help of God and a lot of good people.

Listen live Mondays 8pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Living Large

Tuesdays 7pm eastern.

Living Large with host Kelly Hoten:

I’m an agent of change, motivated by “the great ah-haa”.  And skilled in the art of “adjust, adapt and overcome”. Especially when life is not exactly as you planned. I am an instigator to creatively embrace the adventure of what is possible, to experience a life that speaks to your emotional, physical and soul balance. It is a gift to enjoy the uniqueness of people in their talents, beliefs, and way of being. It is not necessary to judge a situation as good or bad, but to see it as an opportunity to grow.

For my birthday in 2007, I began circling the globe. I have been to more countries than some and not as many as others. I have continued in my travels, I continue to be present and to touch, move and inspire others. Through the encouragement and love of my family and friends the inspiration to officially market my skills of living large, was born.

About Kelly:
Academically: Associate in Mental Health, BA in Psychology and Sociology, MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
Labeled professionally as: Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor II, Group Facilitator, Intervention Specialist, Prevention Specialist, Professional presenter/speaker, Certified ROPES course facilitator, Behavior Modification Specialist, Case manager, thrown in with a bit of life saving and water safety and ZUMBA instructor. Personally.
Referred to as: Agent of change, guru of fun (no kidding, it’s in a book), brash, bold, direct, adventurous, free spirited, knowledgeable, honest, and caring among a few others I’m sure.

Listen to Kelly Tuesdays 7pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!


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Gina 3

Your Business With Faith


Wednesdays 6pm eastern.

Your Business With Faith with Gina Sannasardo.

As a Christian Life Coach, I support women of faith that are struggling with their business because they have self-doubt, lack confidence, don’t have a support system, and relied on themselves rather than on God’s plan for them.

We partner together to allow faith to spread throughout our lives including our businesses!  A life run by God is a life filled with peace and joy in all areas of your life.  After working with me, my clients feel excited and motivated about their business, passionate about their purpose, and rediscover the gifts that God had given them!

I decided to become a life coach to fulfill a deeper passion of spreading good news for all to hear. I had struggled with finding joy and peace in my daily living and who I really wanted to be.   I had to be reminded of God’s infinite love and everlasting presence, but more than anything, relearn that He wants me to be joyful and happy-the way He originally designed me to be. The Holy Spirit moved in my life at the right time, yet again, and I was presented with an opportunity to learn about life purpose coaching!! Now here I am loving this new, exciting, and promising lifestyle of joy and peace!! I have found God’s peace once again!

I am happily married of 16 years with two beautiful children: a 14 year old daughter and 6 year old son. I am blessed to have wonderful friends and family in my life🌹  My son was diagnosed with  Crohn’s Disease (IBD) at the age of 4, and we have seen his faith strengthened because of what he has gone through.  We had struggled to have him in our lives and after 7 years of trying, being tested and praying, we were grateful to God’s promises of love and professed how Good God is!  My father died of cancer when I was 28, and then we asked my mother to move in with us.  We had struggled at first to adapt, but then relied on our faith and God’s grace to learn to adjust our family dynamics-we have grown together in harmony.   Throughout so many other trials in our lives, we have always been blessed with God’s everlasting presence taking charge in our lives.   He always provides for us….He gives to us in abundance!

For 15 years+  have been teaching faith formation for the sacramental preparation of Confirmation.  I assemble spiritual retreats, classes, ceremonies, and presentations to foster the class for this sacrament.  I have been employing motivational speeches, media, art, and music to enrich my students and foster their desire to deepen their faith and relationship with God.   We have put on productions of the Living Stations and the Living Rosary for our school students and parish community.
I volunteer with the high school youth group engaging in numerous service projects such as DuPage’s Sleep Out Saturday, Senior Valentine’s Dinner Dance, and Fireside chats with groups of teens.

You can email Gina –

Visit her website –

Listen live to Gina Wednesdays 6pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!


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David & Lana 5

Universal Soul Love


Tuesdays 10:30PM eastern on The BBM Global Network!

Universal Soul Love is hosted by David and Lana Love.

Universal Soul Love will discuss issues that involve consciously creating the New Earth Paradigm.  The purpose of this show is to raise the conscious vibration of the planet to a higher level by sharing ideas and practices that:
– Increase spiritual awareness
– Advance personal growth and development
– Explore the hidden mysteries of the universe
– Protect the environment and our natural resources
– Develop self-sustainable living communities and self-sufficient living practices
– Encourage individuals to reclaim their personal power
– Advocate post-feminism ideas through the re-unification of the Divine Feminine Essence and the Sacred Masculine Source
– Form and maintain healthy romantic partnerships
– Promote a message of universal love

Detective David Love:
World Traveler, International Adventurer, Talk Show Host, Published Author, Board Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Healer Career, Private Investigator, and Personal Empowerment Professional.  Detective David Love is a world traveler and international adventurer. He is a Rosicrucian, Spiritualist, career private Investigator, published author, talk radio show host, registered minister, pre-marital counselor, board certified hypnotist, advanced past-life regressionist therapist, and Reiki healer.  He writes and speaks extensively on applying ancient mystical philosophy as means for personal growth and development. David’s current focus is on empowering people to develop effective personal success strategies.  He has written dozens of articles on spiritual topics, and made numerous guest media appearances.  David is the author several books including:  The First Truth: A Book of Metaphysical Theories, Illusion of the Body:  Introducing the Body Alive Principle, and Abducted Dreams: What to do When Your Child is Missing.  In December of 2015, Arielle Ford relationship expert and author of the best selling book “The Soulmate Secret”, included a chapter in her new book.  “Turn Your Mate into Your Soulmate” about how Det David met Dr Lana Love called Soulful Synchroncities. Their story was included in along with other well-known public figures such as John Gray, Neale Donald Walsch, and Marianne Williamson.  David also co-authored a chapter for best-selling series the Adventures in Manifesting Series: Soulful Relationships (with Lynn Rose and Bob Doyle). He is also a past article contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence. David has over twenty years of experience working in the America judicial system as an investigator. As a career private investigator, he specialized in criminal defense investigations, domestic matters, missing persons (including fugitive recovery), complex financial fraud, corporate investigations, and civil litigation support. His clients included business professionals, public figures, and political leaders.  David is a strong advocate for missing, abused, and neglected children. He is passionate in promoting civil liberties, animal rights, and environmental protection.

Dr Lana Love:
Medical Doctor, Psychotherapist, Practitioner of Buddhism and Mysticism, Animal Rights Activist.  Dr Lana Love co-hosts Universal Soul Love with Det David Love on the BBM Radio Network.  Dr Lana Love is an Australian medical doctor and psychotherapist. She has worked in public hospitals and private practice helping people recover from debilitating mental ilnesses and serious emotional issues for more than eighteen years.  Dr Lana has strong interest in Buddhism and mysticism. She is also a social activist and animal rights advocate.

Listen Tuesdays at 10:30pm EST on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Deb 4

Lives Changed

Mondays 5pm eastern

Who is Deb Lundquist? Well, I am a wife, mother, grandmother of 3. I had a fatal car accident in April, 1999 in which I should have died, but was spared. The car on the other hand did not survive. Because of this, I developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy aka Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which is the worse pain known to man. Several years later, the pain doctors put the RSD to sleep for 7 glorious years. However, it hid the Fibromyalgia. When I asked God what He wanted me to do with this, His answer was immediate. TEACH! First I had to learn what it was. Then I had to learn how. Once this was done, I was finally able to use my education and do what God wanted me to do and He has guided me all the way. First I started my support Group on Facebook, Your Fibromyalgia. Then I started my webpage Your Fibromyalgia, LLC. I did a Radio Interview and I teach. I also use doTERRA Essential Oils which are all natural and work with my body and teach with them as well. I also drink Limu original seaweed extract with Fucoidin which is a super nutritional product and I do a lot of research as that is part of my education. I have spoken to Congress in the 1990’s in Washington DC about RSD and in Maryland as well. I was the Vice President of a National Support Group for RSD. I am an expert about pain. I am not a doctor, I will not diagnose, prescribe any medications. I will not suggest you get on or off any medications. I will suggest doctors to go to. I will say this though, Fibromyalgia is real, but it does not have to be the end of your life! I am here to help you. If you have questions you would like answered on the show, call in or email me at

Listen to Deb Mondays at 5pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Jim Burr

The Jim Burr Hour

Jim Burr

Wednesdays 5pm eastern


This show is about making the second half of life the most exciting and fulfilling half. Jim and his guests will present information on topics of particular interest to individuals who are 50 years of age and older. Topics will include things like fitness, nutrition, volunteerism, returning to work/part time work, dealing with technology, etc. Listeners are invited to call in and join the discussion, ask questions or suggest topics for future shows.

Jim Burr is a life, career and retirement coach. His practice is in Richmond, Texas. He does individual coaching and also uses various assessment instruments in his own practice and assisting other coaches.
He works with adults of all ages in his practice but is particularly interested in helping individuals over 50 years of age deal with issues and explore interests so the second half of their life can be the most exciting and fulfilling half.
Jim has 37 years experience as a mental health counselor, five years experience as a career counselor and over 20 years’ experience as executive director of a community mental health center. He retired from the mental health center and moved to Texas in 2012.
During his career he was involved in numerous community organizations such as the task force to establish hospice in Fort Dodge Iowa, Humboldt County (Iowa) Supported Employment Program Admissions Committee, the Friendly Visitor Program of Humboldt County (Iowa), North-Central Iowa Critical Incident Stress Management Team (Clinical Director), and the Second Judicial District Department of Correctional Services Board of Directors
He graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in counseling.
He is a National Certified Counselor and Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

For some great advice on issues facing our over 55 Americans today, listen to Jim live Wednesdays at 5pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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