Ignite Your Change

Mondays 6PM Eastern

Connect with your clients through Connie Whitman’s inspiring approach to business and personal success! Connie’s strategies incorporate a unique blend of skill development, including relationship building, coaching, leadership, and self-improvement. Hinged on the concept that well-balanced, confident and positive-minded individuals are better able to communicate effectively, this trifecta of personal and professional development empowers business professionals to reach their maximum potential.

As CEO and President of Whitman & Associates, Connie’s sales and business strategies are a comprehensive toolkit for success. Her holistic approach renews confidence, drives initiative and cleanses the spirit, revitalizing leadership and sales teams to ultimately drive profit! In addition to providing each client with a custom-tailored, easy-to-implement strategic plan, Connie and her firm provide supportive guidance to ensure dynamic, corporate cultural change.

Explore the possibilities of partnering with Connie each week and Ignite Your Change as she shares 32 years of secrets and strategies for your success. Connie invites listeners who are interested in learning how to communicate so effectively that such strategies may be incorporated in all aspects of human connection. Whether it’s strengthening your sales approach or communicating with loved ones, Connie’s diverse vision resonates to our core and impacts even our most mundane daily interactions.

Select shows will be augmented with live interviews with some of her clients, mentors and peers. Audience questions and comments via email are welcomed below or at Connie@whitmanassoc.com

Connect, lead and discover. Let Connie show you how.

Listen each and every week Monday at 6PM Eastern here on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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