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Dr. Hilaire Tavenner, a Ph.D. in Education/Reading/Language Arts from the University of South Florida, will be presenting and also “show casing” guest speakers who will address such interesting topics addressing topics such as: Abortion; wholesome Teenage Literature; Alzheimer’s; Honor Killings; the impact of a great teacher; what food has to do with cancer; the influential gift of “handwritten letters”; Helen Steiner Rice; Holy Love Shrine in North Ridgeville, OH; Lorain, OH: “The International City”, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and a number of other topics of interest!

Celebrating a Life Well-Lived: Hilaire Tavenner, Ph.D., Author, Teacher and Public Speaker.

Hilaire Tavenner, author of eight books, presenter at over one hundred talks, and teacher to over 5,000 students (approximately 3,000 children and 2,000 adults) has had a most positive influence on diverse segments of the world having taught in New York, Ohio, Florida and Puerto Rico. Dr. Tavenner’s legacy, as detailed on her official website www.dutchink.com, is currently being celebrated throughout the online news media.

From nun, to teacher, to author, to world traveler, to public speaker, Dr. Hilaire Tavenner has lived a full life complete with more experiences than most people. Through all of this, Dr. Tavenner has tried to do good in the world and educate within the communities she’s been involved. She has published many fine works, including approximately 100 newspaper and magazine articles, throughout her lifetime.  Additionally, she has educated students, serving as a great inspiration to all of them. Dr. Tavenner’s work stretches back to the 1960s. Dr. T. has even having a hand in script editing for the ABC $3 million docudrama, “A Time for Miracles” aired nationally in 1980. 

“Always give and do your best, and you will have no regrets,” says Dr. Tavenner, “Every moment of life is sacred.  Celebrate each moment, and make the best of it!  One day, when you meet Our Creator, you will be pleased to have not wasted God’s gift of time. God will be pleased as well!”

Some of her past work includes the books: “Nun of This and Nun of That” Books One and Two”, “A Portrait of Helen Steiner Rice: A Lorain Version”, “France, 1996: Memoirs of a Writer in France”, “Memories of Mom: They Called her ‘Dutch’”, “Peru, 2002”, “My Friendship with Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton”, and her latest, “2006: Memoirs of a Writer in Puerto Rico”.  Expect more work and public speaking events from the energetic and inspirational Dr. Hilaire Tavenner.  

For more information on Dr. Mary Hilaire Tavenner be sure to visit DutchInk.

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  1. Mary Hilaire Tavenner   On   November 14, 2018 at 4:50 pm

    I invite the entire world to come and listen to “Dr. T., Ph.D.” every Thursday evening from 7 until 8 pm. For this program, there are no “call ins” as our time on air is so limited…but on February 7, 2019 every listener is invited to call in and make your comments…or do it here on the Bold Brave Media website! God bless you and be with you! Dr. Mary Hilaire Tavenner, of Lorain, OH.

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