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Are you struggling to skyrocket your career? Do you often miss the
opportunity to get promoted? Are you trapped in a cycle of career
stagnation within your organization? Are you struggling to understand the
language of your leaders? Dr. Kim Nugent is a master mentor who brings over
30 years of consistent excellence to her readers and clients. As an
innovation leadership coach, she is bringing her passion for exceptional
leadership into the forefront of everything she does. Kim is helping people
gain the confidence, communication skills, and success in their careers to
ultimately assisting them in enhancing their promotability.

Through her wisdom, experience, and process of promotability, Kim Nugent
gives you practical tools to redefine and lead your way to career success
and create your legacy! The show is designed to strategically guide you
step -by-step guides to enable the pathway to your career success.

Promotion Protocol provides a coaching framework that allows supervisors
and employees an opportunity to collaborate and create shared expectations
for promotability and career success.

*This show week by week will guide you to promotability and career success
• Learning the proven pathway to promotability.
• Engaging people to ignite their passion.
• Innovating, coaching and leave a legacy.
• Inspiring others through artful communication.

Kim Nugent, Ed.D., is an innovation leadership coach with an exceptional
track record of engaging aspiring leaders. As a certified coach, keynote
speaker, and a best-selling author, Kim is a sought-after Promotion
Protocol expert for both younger and experienced professionals in the
workforce today! Through her speaking and coaching programs, Kim offers
fine-tuned inspiration to her audiences and delivers results-oriented
execution. Come learn and innovate your personal pathway to promotability
and unlock the secrets to your career success.

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Reader's opinions
  1. Jessica Molina   On   September 22, 2018 at 4:59 pm

    Dr. Kim Nugent is an outstanding leader. Her book, “Promotion Protocol” has helped me gain confidence, increase my communication skills and succeed in my career. I was just promoted a couple months ago after following her advices. Invest in your career, read her book and follow her advise. Jessica Molina

  2. Kristen White   On   October 10, 2018 at 3:17 pm

    Promotion Protocol, the book and the podcast, is a “must read” and “must listen”, for anyone wanting to up level your career. If you want to change jobs or move to a new industry, or finally step into the leadership role you dream about and increase both your income and your influence Dr. Kim Nugent will show you the way to get where you want to be in your career.

  3. Frank   On   October 10, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    After receiving mentoring from Dr. Nugent, reading Promotion Protocol and using it as a tool with my team, I am proud to announce I have accepted the position of Global Director of Inventory & Assets. Not only is this a promotion for me but it is also going to give 2 others on my team who read the book promotions as well.
    This book changed my life and the path I was on, and it has created a wake of success for many others.
    Promotion Protocol is an amazing experience! Dr. Nugent is a fantastic communicator and facilitator. Everyone needs to work with her!
    You would be doing yourself and your organization a disservice if you didn’t.

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