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The Show's message is all about decompressing and managing the stressors in
life that we all face.  If you are breathing, you are experiencing some
levels of stress in your life.  There are both good and bad experiences in
life that create the energy of stress and can ultimately affect your health.

The Mind Health Coach program will help you learn about natural approaches
to self-care and managing stress.  You will be introduced to unique
self-care techniques and learn  about different resources to help improve
your life and overall well-being.

In this show, not only will we share with you different ways to manage
stress naturally, improve your overall well-being and your brain health,
but also how to work on enriching your life and every experience within
your journey. Training your brain to perceive every occurrence happening in
your life, both negative and positive, as an opportunity to learn and grow.

The mission of this show is to help those seeking for purpose on the planet
connect with other like-minded people through discussions of concepts and
experiences.  It is our hope that through these discussions, we will help
shed light on how to best hold an enlightened vision when faced with even
the greatest of life challenges.

Leah Marie is a motivational speaker, business and elder care expert that
is certified as a Holistic Life and Stress Management Coach. In her
programs, Leah teaches life enriching techniques including various
meditation styles to attain peak performance.  She introduces natural
methods to releasing and managing stress, such as the Emotional Freedom
Technique and other mindfulness approaches to help improve your life. She
is also certified in ThetaHealing, EFT (tapping), Practical Yoga and is a
Reiki Master.  Leah is committed to helping those who are seeking to
improve their overall well-being and find their purpose in life.  She is a
holistic educator in the medical field and holds CEU programs for health
care and social services professionals.

Leah Marie has extensive training in the care of people with Alzheimer’s
and other dementia-related illnesses.  Along with being an international
radio show host of the Mind Health Coach Program, Leah holds the position
of Chief Operating Officer for FCP Live-In, the nation’s leader
specializing in assisted living at home.

Leah holds her individual sessions, workshops and programs at various
venues throughout the US and internationally.

Please contact Leah at if you are interested in
finding out more about her personal and professional development programs
or if you would like to host her as a speaker at your next event.

Visit to learn more.

Also, visit to learn more about Leah Marie’s, “8 Weeks
to a Better Brain Using Mooditations Daily Meditation Practice for Healing
and Wellness”.


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