The Consciously Curious

Peggy Sue

Tuesdays 9pm eastern

Peggy presents ideas and concepts that are still out of the main stream thinking to shake the foundations of life on Planet Earth (religion, politics, financial, science, etc).  Woven into this will be a message of how we, as individuals, must shake our personal foundations to see if they are solid or need adjusting because, after all, how can we expect all those massive institutions to do it if we are not willing to go through that process.

Peggy specializes in working with highly intuitive people to facilitate healing and/or create their Ideal Real Life–even those that do not know they are highly intuitive or psychic.

The gift does come with unique opportunities and challenges for life on Planet Earth. It also comes with special responsibilities to ourselves and to others.   To heal, or stay in wellness, of the body, mind, emotions, and energetic fields we must be in a process to examine and work on all the bodies at one time.

“I want to be a part of making Commitment, Accountability and Conscious Evolution THE NEW SEXY”.

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Kathy on 12.07.2016 / Reply

YOU GO, Peggy Sue!!! Love you and what you stand for in our world!!

Ricki McKenna, CN on 12.07.2016 / Reply

Great show. You sounded totally at ease, even when you spoke about your cousin and that “rift”.
Enjoyed it. Looking forward to hearing more about Edgar Cayce, he’s one of my favorites. He even spoke about the effects of food.

Ricki (the foodie) 🙂

Rita Mills on 02.09.2016 / Reply

Great show Peggy Sue / Gwynne…………you have validated several things I have been saying for a while now.

Mary Alsobrook on 18.10.2016 / Reply

I think your so right about people not hugging or touching. I’m a huger myself but find many people are not.

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