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I am entering the last 25% of my life, where I am embarking on a new adventure. I am a trained psychologist, and educational administrator, who spent over twenty years as an administrator in international schools. Throughout my life, my passion has been the areas of metaphysics, and parapsychology. However, it has only been in recent years I could speak of these interests openly, without having others thinking I had “lost a screw.”

During my years abroad, I explored many different cultures, and lived in six different countries, Kuwait, Qatar, Chad, South Africa, Rwanda, and the United States. I also traveled much of the world as an observer of life, and people. My international experiences brought me many adventures including, living in Kuwait when we bombed Iraq the second time, evacuated out of Chad, as well as many others. These have led to my writing a blog for the Huffington Post, and also one at where I recount many stories of these days.  To say I learned much would be an understatement of monumental proportions.

I personally have had metaphysical experiences while engaging in meditation, being high on various substances, and under other circumstances. I have worked with adolescents who have experimented with satanic rituals, and at one time was considered an expert in this area. It is not an area I prefer to explore at this time of my life. I believe with the Eastern Orthodox religion that evil only has the power we give it. It has no energy of its own and cannot maintain itself without support from humans. Consequently, I have no desire to support it in any way. When forced to discuss the subject, I treat it with great caution and respect. I have learned from personal experience, it is not to be treated lightly.

What brings me great joy is the sheer pleasure of pursuing studies with individuals like Neale Donald Walsch, Stanislav Grof, Carl Jung, Ken Wilbur, to name just a few. I believe, with them, that there is a spiritual awakening taking place, and many humans are becoming conscious individuals. It is time we woke up, and stood for what we believed. The radio show is my way of doing this.

There are many people who are working hard to bring Light and conscious responsibility to this particular section of the universe, Earth (Gaia). There are those whom no one has heard of, but who have made an incredible impact. I want to give voice to these people as I find them.

It is time we woke up. We are like three year olds, who do not have a clue what we are doing. We think our actions are without consequence, and we bear no responsibility. It reminds me of the show I watched recently, of an old Criminal Investigation Service (CIS), in which a three year old smothers his four month old, brother. He did not have a clue what he had done, and could not be held responsible. We are like this three year old, and it is time for this to change.

I believe my radio show can have a huge impact in the bringing of consciousness to people. I am a conduit for bringing this message, and making it Live. In addition, I maintain a private practice as a Spiritual Guide, and Spiritual Coach. I am also putting together a book, Lest I forget, of my writings.

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Sam on 15.11.2016 / Reply

I followed your radio shows today so amazing.

Anna on 22.11.2016 / Reply

Thanks Sam — hope you will be a regular listener

Brenda on 22.11.2016 / Reply

Listened to the program. Good to hear you and Judy talk. Wanted more on the “unfolding self”-how she transformed from being a school librarian to an author. You touched on it a bit. Keep up the good work.

Abraham. on 28.11.2016 / Reply

Well done! Keep up the good work.

Nirmalie Bopearatchy on 28.11.2016 / Reply

I just love to hear Dr. Anna speak of her life experiences…. so fascinating…. You will touch many peoples life as you have always done in the past with good advise and your kindness.Keep on going Dr. Anna. We love you.

Eliza on 29.11.2016 / Reply

Thanks for yr show. Keep going!

Joanne Provost on 29.11.2016 / Reply

This program is exceptional, I listen from MA every Tuesday. Dr. Anna is amazing.

Jean on 29.11.2016 / Reply

Tuned in now.

Judy Higgins on 29.11.2016 / Reply

Loved being on your show last week. You’re a natural! And it sounds like you have some really interesting people lined up for future shows. I look forward to hearing them.

Robert Badwey on 29.11.2016 / Reply

Very very impressive indeed! Looking forward to your next discussion!

Rose on 01.12.2016 / Reply

Thank you, Anna, for presenting this program. I appreciated the Nov. 29th interview with Dawn from the yoga center. I’m especially grateful for the reminder that we all have an “Inner Teacher” to guide us!

Anna on 01.12.2016 / Reply

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. It is great to know Rwanda is listening :-))))) as well as my friends here. Thank you fro being the “wonder” in wonderful

Anna on 07.12.2016 / Reply

This cam into my personal email and I thought I would share it.

Hi Dr. Anna K!
Caught your show with Chris.
You are amazing! Good articulation and flow to your communication. You are a natural!
Chris’s topic(s) were broad and his language complex, and Marcia and I could follow your questions to his answers.
You received many “good question, (Dr. Anna K)” from Chris.
Most importantly, you sound like you are having a wonderful time, and that is everything.
Love and Hugs!
Fans of Dr. Anna K.

Anna on 07.12.2016 / Reply


It was an amazing experience and would love to do it again if you would consider! Thank you for the opportunity.


Dawn Curtis, Owner
East Meets West Yoga Center
8227 Old Courthouse Road, Suite 310
Vienna, Virginia 22182
703-356-YOGA (9642)

Christopher Eads on 08.12.2016 / Reply

I had a great time on your show, Anna! I’ll echo many of the other commenters here – you’re a natural at this. Keep up the good work – can’t wait to hear more!

Christopher Eads

Alia El Mohandes on 20.12.2016 / Reply

Excellent show today … enjoyed the dialogue and learned a lot about a subject that one finds shrouded in shadows and misconceptions … thank you for having such an interactive and clear conversation … should have more …

Tricia Palmer on 19.01.2017 / Reply

I have enjoyed every Show that I have heard, Anna, and am grateful that I have finally found the archives of the Shows that I had to miss! Tuesday’s Show was a wonderful introduction to Islam and I have shared it with my friend. She is named Khadiza and her husband is Mohammed; this info “freaks out” their daughter. LOL. We share the commonalities of Catholicism and Islam regarding prayer in what little time we have together, since the Liturgy of the Hours is part of my life as a Secular Discalced Carmelite.

Anna on 12.03.2017 / Reply

Today I sent an email to all those who had appeared on my show. As I look at the list, I realized how many radio shows I have done WOW— And I am about to start again. We will see where it will go. It is an amazing experience to complete these shows and to listen and engage in conversations. Each person has such a unique way of looking at the world and each person is uniquely involved in trying to work with his/her own passion and it’s expression in the world. It is not an easy time to live in. It is confusing to say the least. To interview each of you has been a privilege. To be a part of bringing your voice to the world is a valuable part of my being in the world. Thank you all again for this opportunity and I hope we can meet again on the radio. Meanwhile, do not hesitate to refer to me anyone you thing wants to be heard, or a cause we need to hear about.
Meanwhile I am repeating directions for accessing this page:
I want to make sure you all know the easy way of accessing the shows. if you go to and look at the top of the page, you will see programming, click on this and under hosts, look up my name. It will take you directly to my picture and the shows under it.
This is the direct link:

and you can access any show you want. Thank you everyone. It is amazing and there are some amazing shows. If anyone wants to be on again, let me know. If you can think of anyone who should be on, let me know that too. I continue to look and to delve and to find those who are interested.

Anna on 28.03.2017 / Reply

Join with me as we interview two amazing women who have raised families and have had successful careers (and each a divorce along the way.) Now, each of them past sixty-five, they are embarking on new adventures, and explorations into the future. Marilyn Turner and Rose Longworth are senior citizens who believe life is an exciting adventure filled with new challenges and growth. It is to be lived to the fullest. Join with me as we explore with them what it means to live a fulfilled life.

Rose, born in Ireland, immigrated to the US when she was in her thirties. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who just retired after fourteen years of counseling to follow her psychoanalytic passion of working with dreams and art. She has been recording dreams since she was 21. She is particularly interested in Mandalas, seeing them as a way to get in touch with the unconscious psyche. She gains inspiration for her art and her writings through daily meditation.

Marilyn Turner was born in Waterbury, CT nearly ¾’s of a century ago (her words, not mine). She moved to Hartford, as a young adult, to help get Johnson elected. She raised three wonderful children, and then divorced. Meanwhile she earned her degree from UConn, through taking night classes. After selling her home, she took a year and explored where she would live and work next. She became a Park Ranger in Maui, for a time and then chose Harrisonburg, VA, as her home. Her love of the Shenandoah National Park brought her here. She still works in Community Health at the hospital. She is still hiking and she is well known in the community for her activism and her involvement with people. At the age of fifty-seven, she hiked the Appalachian Trail from one end to the other. She has recently taken up pottery, and did say she had to repeat the class on “plates.”

Join with me as we have an amazing conversation with these women, and I allow them to tell you more about themselves.

Anna on 04.04.2017 / Reply

Rose Kadende-Kaiser (Ph.D.) is an international development professional whose current work focuses on guiding clients to make nutrition and lifestyle behavior changes for a healthier balance. Prior to this, she supported the design and implementation of community development projects in various African countries including Burundi, South Africa, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia. Her passion for wellness is what led her to pursue training as an integrative nutrition coach. This equipped her with the practical skills she needed to guide others who wanted to embrace self-care through healthier nutrition and lifestyle choices. She is the founder of Season of Health (, a small business that offers wellness coaching services and training workshops to individuals, families, community organizations, and local schools. Rose is a mother of two adult boys and spends her spare time reading, gardening, and advocating for access to and use of healthier food and lifestyle choices to restore and maintain the body’s balance. Rose was born and raised in Burundi and has been living mostly in the US since 1991.
Go to: CLICK listen live at 7pm
If you miss it go to: programming — left hadn’t column— click on Dr. Anna K and all the shows are listed under my picture
Call 855.856.1380 with questions

Anna on 04.04.2017 / Reply

Tiane Christy Kadende
April 4 at 9:41am

Nice project for the most important gift of our life…Thanks Rose for your advices to improve my diet in many levels!!Good work!!

Nadine Wani on 11.04.2017 / Reply

Thank you Dr.Anne K. I have enjoyed listening to you and Rose. I have heard Rose speaks many times and every time she has influenced me positively.

Dr. Anna K on 18.04.2017 / Reply

he Unfolding Self. As we come to know ourselves, we unfold in this knowledge. We are like flowers opening. When a flower is given warmth, food, and yes, love, it unfolds itself in great beauty. Experiments have shown when a flower is fed a diet of hatred it does not blossom well – in fact, it dies. All living things require Love as a major ingredient.

We are flowers, and like these flowers, when we unfold we reveal within us a beautiful center. A Center filled with Light. Some have called this God, some Soul, some Inspiration. What we care to call it is not the point. The focus is, it is our True Self – our Oneness with God; our Oneness with Inspiration. It is that which fills us with Joy and makes our lives flow. It is that with which we welcome the amazing dawn, giving gratitude for the day coming. It is this making us grateful as we take rest knowing we have experienced a day filled with miracles, both large and small. Some we do not recognize but, we take our rest confident in the knowledge we are experiencing miracles, none the less, secure knowing realization will come.

This is The Unfolding Self, whose mission it is to interview those who have, who are, and who will make room for miracles in their life. We seek the unfolding of ourselves. We seek to bring into the light the luminescent essence of who we are; to allow the inner beauty of reveal itself; without fear; without apology but with confidence, and sure knowledge of who and what we seek.

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