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Divine Relationship Within

I come to this radio program not as the many roles I have played, but as the Being Who has Experienced and Remembered True Relationship through the expression of all the roles I have transcended and Resurrected in this epic story of the imaginary crucifixion and Resurrection of Humanity. I have Resurrected the roles of mother, father, child, Creator, and church and state within my personal bio story and sharing this True form Forgiveness and Relationship is my Divine Purpose.

I AM committed to Living the Identity described in the spiritual curriculum that consists of the three books: A Course In Miracles, The Way of Mastery and A Course Of Love. I have been guided by the Christ in Me to Unify the three books as a trilogy representing the  the True Holy Trinity demonstrated by the Divine Relationship between God, and Not a virgin, Mother Mary of,  Not the Only Holy Child of God, Jesus. Telling the Truth of their True Relationship with God and All Humanity has been burning within since my character grew up with a Catholic mother in a Mormon suburb of Salt Lake. That Truth is All I can. Now Be.
My passion is to guide others to the peace found only within themselves and to encourage them to always seek Divine Relationship within. It is in our inner Divine Relationship that we discover our connection to Self, God and Unity and our Individuated purpose. Through that Divine Relationship within we are guided to heal All Relationships.

I have facilitated A Course in Miracles, The Way Of Mastery and A Course of Love classes. I Am Complete and Whole and Certain of my purpose.

I have been guided to the expression of sharing True Relationship and freeing ourselves from the lies or guilt, fear and lack.

For five years I taught a minsterial ordination class at Community Miracles Center where I’m also a Board Of Directors member. I serve the Miracles Conference hosted by Community Miracles Center and speak regularly at Sunday services in San Francisco.  I’ve taught a two year Way Of Master Class and am currently sharing a A Course Of Love with others on a conference call. I privately counsel clients on Holy Relationships and Self Acceptance.

I spent 11 years in an organization called the Family Of Women. Our focus was having loving successful relationships and taking responsibility for the success of our relationships. I took many leadership training workshops and weekends in that organization and gained valuable insight. I incorporated the tools and experience from that organization and facilitated a Spiritual Relationship class at Spiritual Truth Center in Stockton for three years.

In 2010 I began to deeply question all the lies we have been spoon fed by the men in power about our sexuality and sexual freedom. I have felt the unreality of the lies of church and state within since I was a tiny kid. The lies of church and state could not explain the Divine Relationship I always felt within. I knew I came to bring Truth.

All of this experience has led me to the Sharing and Living the Truth about Relationships and how to bring Sacred Expression to ANY form of our Relationships past, present or future. I am here to Resurrect Divine Human Relationships with Truth and Perfect Forgiveness of the lies false guilt, false fear, and false unworthiness.  It’s time to play the other side of duality: Abundant Relationships and Abundant Resources in Abundant Paradise. The Truth is great news and it will set all your Relationships free.


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  1. Aleigh   On   May 24, 2018 at 11:45 pm

    So glad to see you on here sharing all that you know. You have been one of my greatest “teachers” in life!

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