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Developing Creativity, Wellness, and Presence

Coming soon!.... Affirmative Leadership with Dr. Carol Tieso takes an interactive approach to developing creativity, wellness, and presence through honest and straightforward discussions of research and recommendations from colleagues, researchers, and clients. Affirmative Leadership is a platform for individuals in leadership positions, those who strive for leadership positions, and those who want simply to improve their own sense of presence with direct reports to supervisors, colleagues, or family members. Carol will share stories and successes from her more than 30 years of working with talented and creative individuals and strives to help callers address issues related to well-being, Emotional Intelligence, developing talent, and using presence to address a multitude of interpersonal challenges. Callers can engage her in spirited discussions that will lead to growth and improved well-being.

Dr. Carol Tieso is a Professor of Educational Psychology with an emphasis on giftedness and creativity and a former Associate Dean for Academic Programs. She earned her BA degree in Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley and her PhD at the University of Connecticut. She has more than 30 years of experience working with students, adults, and colleagues to develop their talents and creativity. Additionally, she has earned an Advanced Certificate in Personal and Executive Coaching from the College of Executive Coaching and a certificate in Inspired Leadership from Case Western Reserve University. For the past five years, she has partnered with individuals in academe, education, and international business to help create environments of growth and wellness while enhancing personal Emotional Intelligence and mindfulness.

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