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You Won’t Want to Miss the Sizzle!

Sex is a beautiful expression of love. Yet so many have difficulty talking about it, or even enjoying it fully. Not so, with our host and author or Orgasm For Life, Jennifer Elizabeth Masters of She unabashedly says, she has enjoyed sex and sexual expression fully. Jennifer takes the awkwardness out of sex and makes it lively, fun and real for you. Whether you have ED, HTP, or are just plain curious and want to create more passion in your bedroom. This show will make you laugh, educate, and guide you to a deeper awareness of yourself and your partner. Sexuality is the very core of who we are. Getting in touch with that deepest most vulnerable part of ourselves creates more conscious, loving experiences and a more bonded relationship, which is Jennifer’s goal.


Marriages today need help, more than any other time in our history. Jennifer’s own experience with divorce is what motivates her to help others heal their relationships. Love and sizzle was there at one time. Keeping families together is Jennifer’s mission and goal. Overcoming our differences with laughter and love, rather than pointing fingers or being the victim. Communication about sex rarely occurs till sex stops happening. Jennifer will guide you to be able to communicate about your desires so that you each get what you want in the bedroom. When we are fulfilled and satisfied, our relationships blossom and deepen. Communication outside the bedroom is what All You Need Is Love is all about. When our sex lives are fun, sensual open-hearted experiences, rather than unfufilling quickies that just touch the surface of who you are, we are all happier. Our planet becomes a better place for us all. Love is all we need, sex is an aspect of love fully expressed.  then , lively , hypnotherapist, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner and energy healer.

Looking for natural cures for an issue, Jennifer has a slew of them up her magical sleeve. Her sense of humor and directness is refreshing and enlightening. You won’t want to miss the sizzle. Join us, won’t you?


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