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Elevate the Universal Mindset

Attracting Your Life is hosted by MIJA each Thursday at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT.  MIJA uses this platform to educate, discuss with guest and listeners different concepts, modalities, and theories surrounded supporting the vision of elevating the universal mindset.  Through this show it’s MIJA’s desire to heighten and peek the listeners interest to become aware and tap into The Universal Conscious mind. It is that portion of us that is God or godlike.

*MIJA* Bradford is the CEO and founder of Attracting Your Life, LLC, a
consulting practice. She is passionate and dedicated to promoting and
assisting clients in achieving their *LIFE PURPOSE*.  *MIJA* is a certified
life coach, however, she used many different modalities to helped clients

For nearly twenty years she has worked as an executive for various top
Fortune 500 financial companies where she achieved extraordinary success.
She has an MBA with a concentration in Finance and has successfully coached
and assisted clients in achieving their *LIFE’s PURPOSE. *

*MIJA* is a strong advocate of the Universal Laws, which govern the mind,
body and, spirit. She is Reiki Master Teacher utilizing life-changing
techniques like Intuitive Coaching, Energy Work and, Tantric to assist
clients in removing and clearing limiting beliefs and energy that have been
hindering them from achieving their *LIFE PURPOSE.  *

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