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Beyond the Imprint is a dynamic new radio show that heralds a new paradigm of thinking within the field of mental health, beyond the duality of our unconscious conditioning. Quantum Physics is beginning to replace the mechanistic world view of Newtonian Physics and is teaching us with every new discovery that we are intimately interconnected with our environment and everything in it.

This includes the understanding that we can change what is outside of us by simply changing ourselves. Beyond the Imprint will have far-reaching and wide-ranging impact on how listeners think about the human experience including our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in response to our environment. It provides a new framework for understanding everything we experience from birth to death; bringing sanity to insanity and clarity to what confounds us. In addition to teachers, counselors, therapists, parents, administrators, and social workers; this show will have tremendous relevance for anyone and everyone interested in having a healthier and gentler experience with themself and those whom they are in relationship with. Begin your journey towards greater health, harmony, well-being and satisfaction!

Kate O’Connell, LPC is a writer, graphic artist, professional photographer and child and family therapist with a private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia addressing the therapeutic needs of children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Her extensive training in Intensive-in-Home Services, Addiction, Family Systems Therapy, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing enables her to facilitate positive outcomes for her clients. Her new book Beyond the Imprint; A New Modality for Mental Health Practitioner’s and Those Seeking Their Help is the platform for her radio show simply entitled: Beyond the Imprint.

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