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Dr Paul has devoted over 40 years to exploration of the whole living sciences. From the studies of traditional and alternative methods in martial arts, natural sciences, to further his knowledge of the holistic sciences. He is an advocate and constant student of quantum consciousness and natural healing. Dr.Paul holds three Ph.ds and three masters. He is a Hall of fame Inductee in The United States Martial arts and several others International Hall of fames. He has been inducted as a Grandmaster into the Whos Who martial arts ledgend Book. He has been recognized as a Top Naturalpathioc doctor of new york. He is also an ambassador of the human rights coalition.

Dr. Paul has written several self- help books on how to develop your whole
life. Through the world of pain and sorrow the feeling of safety and love
shall be first. Through the Emotional Reaction Training Dr. Paul teaches
and ,educates copratation and individuals how to achieve this.
Dr. Paul show Bridges will give you the science of understanding. Bringing
your practice of living and emotions self to full intergration. As life
long dedicated martial science student Dr. Paul has learn the accient
teaching that has been pass on down for thousands of years.
The health, wellness, and medical practice can be overwhelming, even for
those in the medical field. We’re torn between our own feelings, what
others say, and even lab results. Dr. Paul helps promote clarity and
understanding, to help facilitate making informed decisions. You learn to
trust yourself, opening you up to a new world of connection, relationships,
and care. Intended for the layperson and teachers alike, explore new ways
to care for yourself and others, in order to create a healthier more
vibrant community and world.

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Reader's opinions
  1. KellyLynn   On   September 10, 2018 at 9:04 pm

    Vert informative. Bridges. Look forward to listening next week. Dr. Paul definitely has an a innovative approach through the sciences to bridge the gap…so to speak, for a better understanding on why we think , do, respond. Good show. Thanks!

  2. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   September 19, 2018 at 8:29 pm

    This show is interesting and informative. Dr. Paul has great guests who are interesting and easy to connect with and I look forward to future Monday nights at 8:00 p.m.

  3. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   September 24, 2018 at 9:00 pm

    Another very informative show this evening. Always making great points that need to be heard and practiced on a more global level … Love and compassion without judging before knowing as in the case of those on the spectrum can go a long way to building bridges with those on the spectrum.

  4. Bruce Clark, PhD   On   October 5, 2018 at 6:14 am

    Well Dr Paul I have to thank you for drawing me into the network of health that you and the ladies on the tape of Bridges (4) remind people of. I can see more easily now how those years you spent out west near the Indian people affected you for the better. You know, Dr Paul, one time I asked an very old Indian woman what law is. She said Bruce that is very easy to answer, In the Indian way it is respect, respect for all things. She explained how we must give to help the environment in order to take from it to be healthy. I hear the same message of respect and exchange coming across the radio waves from the Bridges program and the BBM organization. It is good. Thank you again, to you all the other voices on the program you sent to me.

  5. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   October 22, 2018 at 9:12 pm

    Dr.Paul, You always manage to pick a topic that is relevant and closely connected to my life’s passions. Of all the shows to date this one has been my favorite. Tonight’s show touched on issues that so many of us face and need to continue to work on so that we reach our best versions of ourselves. Loving ourselves takes work when we didn’t grow up hearing positive loving messages , but it is definitely possible. As a woman who has always struggled with weight, and body image accepting that I am a BBW with no “Buts” has been a journey. Continued forward motion and changing the things that have not worked is essential to loving and growing ourselves so that we can do the same for others.

  6. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   October 29, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    Dr. Paul, You never fail to bring the most relevant and important issues to light. I knew that human traffiking is a big problem but did not know the numbers until tonight. From people selling their own family members for survival to those who just seem to have no regard for human life so long as they can make a buck is horrible. So many are so vulnerable for so many different reasons and it is indeed important for each and every one of us to be aware and do what we can whenever possible. When we have opportunities to teach we must do that. When we encounter victims we must love and listen and allow them to heal while empowering them as best we can. One person at a time, one situation at a time without denying that it exist is important. Thank you for another good show. Your Maine listener.

  7. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   November 5, 2018 at 8:54 pm

    I am humbled and blessed to have heard GM Huddleston speak on your show this evening. I loved hearing his perspective and about his resilience and persistence. The highlight of this evenings show was hearing him reference the spiritual aspect of the Martial Arts that you and he are involved in. I also like Cheryle’s reminder that we are all a continued work in progress and that days will be good and bad. No matter the type of day there is always something to be taken from it, to be learned from it. Gotta practice more in the spiritual realm. And you know I LOVED hearing about what he did with the young student with Autism.

  8. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   November 12, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    Another good one this evening and while I enjoyed hearing your special guest speak what stood out most for me this evening is what Coach Cheryle had to say. Every week you promote love and practice which are important but I think it is important to keep in mind that people love differently. They can love their communities and extend love in ways that are different than the method you promote through martial arts, however enhancing it through the practice can indeed make it even richer. Coach pointed out that our society is sick and that we have a lot of sick people out and among us. They have organic roots to their sickness and it is hard at times to know just how sick a person is. Reporting is indeed necessary, however, not as effective as we would hope since kids in schools for instance are protected by FERPA and reports of cray cray behavior do not mean that cray cray things won’t continue to happen because the person exhibiting the behavior is protected by law from being able to tell many people. Society in general is becoming more and more disconnected and the more disconnected it becomes the easier it is for kids and people to carry out the horrific things that we see happening all over the country. Being open to genuinely receiving each others feelings when expressed and shared and learning to sit with them through the feelings is important but when working with some and trying to notice there really are many things to consider and not ALL cray, cray people show their crazy in ways that are easily recognized. Thank you for another good show and is sickening to know that people who have served selflessly often don’t have a safe place to live for one reason or other. Me in Me

  9. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   November 19, 2018 at 9:05 pm

    You never fail to bring something that is relevant to somebody or many. I hope that this got out to those who need it and while it can be said of many professions and callings I do admire those who can provide home health care to the elderly and those who cannot care for themselves personally.

  10. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   November 26, 2018 at 9:41 pm

    As always thank you for inviting me to listen to you weekly. With each passing week I am gaining greater understanding about crossing those bridges and this week was one that was much easier to understand. The how to get from here to there seemed more clear this week. The information shared about Israel was very interesting and helped shift some of what we generally hear about Israel and the violence there. I found your word choice and that of Miss Ashley interesting when speaking about the “ills” of society. If nothing else you always manage to promote thinking and introspection. Monday nights at 8:00 p.m have become one of my favorite parts of the week because I am always interested in what you are going to enlighten us with. As always your devout Maine listener.

  11. Raphael Louis   On   November 28, 2018 at 6:58 pm

    It was an honor to be a guest on Dr Paul show. Dr Paul show offers a place for us to think and act together through bridge building which is the best way to sustain and expand relationships locally, regionally and globally. It this world that has become a global village, international cooperation and capacity-building is vital greater success in an y possible field of work.

  12. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   December 3, 2018 at 9:30 pm

    Thank you for another good week Paul. It is always good to be reminded of how powerful the body brain connection is and the healing or damage we can cause depending on what we do with that connection. When you talked about the “Human Right of [Right to own our own things] (Self)” the first thing that came to mind is that our experiences are our own and in our human condition they affect us all differently. They can destroy us or they can motivate us to learn, move and do better. I do appreciate how you are moved to teach people how to dig deep to find different meaning in things we try to generalize in order to heal and grow to make connections and cross those bridges that we seem to get stuck on somewhere. Maine Girl.

  13. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   December 10, 2018 at 9:06 pm

    Thank you for another good week. This week was full of so may points that just make sense. Needing to know ourselves and care for ourselves in order to be well is so important as is remaining active in our listening both to ourselves and others. I really liked what your guest Tony had to offer about friendship and making positive deposits since I think all too often some of us stay in toxic friendships that do nothing but suck out our energy because we feel that we need to do that. It is hard sometimes to give ourselves permission to let go of the toxicity but we must be strong and do it when necessary. Love the show and the information you bring to your listeners every week. Me ..

  14. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   December 17, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    I enjoyed listening to your guest this week and hearing about the lesson he learned about human behavior, by watching someone with[ Napolean Syndrome] be rude to another, and how that sent him on his own journey of exploring behavior. Thank you for informing the audience so quickly on the “disabling” technique since I like many was curious. I loved his comment on not quitting. Goals can be different for all but the important thing is definitely not to quit … Struggle should be motivation for working a harder to achieve what we want . Love Longfellow and it was nice to hear to read one of his pieces. Lovin Bridges from Maine …

  15. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   January 7, 2019 at 9:03 pm

    What a powerful guest this week. Very strong message on how to do the right thing in light of something so hurtful. The work Bobby is doing following his sons murder truly is beautiful. Thank you again for another great show Paul. As Ashley said, two weeks without Bridges seems like a long time. Your Maine Listener

  16. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   January 14, 2019 at 9:04 pm

    Hey there Paul … Another great guest with really good information to share. I was very interested to hear the piece of information shared about genetics having less to do with our presumed inherited physical afflictions than traumas even if we don’t realize them. Loved that she was able to share a quick and manageable technique to get people started on a path to healing. Your question about trauma / purpose is very provocative as is the statement you made about people being afraid of their internal selves. Maine Fan..

  17. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   January 28, 2019 at 9:07 pm

    Evening …. I was pleased to hear the connections being made between veterans of the military and veterans of football since ads soon as your guest began talking about what happens when players get done I immediately thought about what happens when veterans leave the service especially career vets. What was especially striking is the fact that NO one is adequately prepared for the transitions. No one holds training classes or seminars in what to expect and there really is a need in both these realms as well as so many others. I am continually grateful for the knowledge you bring to your listeners whether it ends up being a new concept or deepening ones understanding of something that may already be aware of. My hope is that your audience continues to grow as does the interest in the practice you have to share. Your faithful listener in Me.

  18. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   February 18, 2019 at 9:05 pm

    Another show full of enlightenment …. The thing that stands out the most is your second guests information about the disparity in health equity.Your first guest leaves me thinking about all the things that people do to better their lives, help their families and in lots of cases survive around the globe that we here all too often take for granted and when attempts are made to enlighten people they don’t seem to want to hear the possible ugly truths of what their entertainment actually costs in many cases. As always than you for your work to teach.

  19. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   February 25, 2019 at 9:03 pm

    Tonight’s theme or thread certainly sent a message about the necessity of being still. I was especially intrigued by the information shared by your second guest and the studies she mentioned being done regarding using meditation in place of hard discipline and the results being generated. Always so much to think about once you have signed off. As always thank you for the information you share and your continued focus on wanting to reach people to teach them to heal and be well. Maine Lady …

  20. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   March 4, 2019 at 9:09 pm

    Love tonight’s show … First off I think we have come to enjoy the show so much that when it is not on time there may be concern that it might not be on given how busy you can get at times.’I am happy that you covered this topic and agree with your guests that something has got to be done to reestablish how success is measured. When kids show up at school o have their basic needs met it is sometimes difficult to get the teaching done …. So so many factors need to be looked at and considered and it saddens me and angers me that The Summit Academy is doing good work with great success and yet they are not getting recognized for what they are doing overall for their students. When you are able to change the culture in a community from thinking that college is out of reach to having kids know that it is indeed attainable and achievable that is huge. So so many factors need to be taken into consideration when determining whether or not a school is successful. I am not a huge advocate of Standardized Testing and the validity of it’s results for many reasons and find it so unfair that they are such a huge determinant in whether or not a school is successful. Forever Faithful Maine Fan .

  21. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   March 11, 2019 at 9:02 pm

    The literacy statistic is very alarming and sadly it runs extensively … The stand out this week is the Practice of maintaining a soft heart to keep carrying the heavy burdens. As always I enjoyed the show and you deliver lots to think about weekly. Maine Fan.

  22. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   March 25, 2019 at 9:09 pm

    The view from the observatory is spectacular and one you should see if you make it back to Maine someday. This was an interesting show and one that brings up many things to ponder. My ears perked up when you asked David “WHY” he thinks black men do not treat women better. interesting that you would ask Ashley and Alex if they think that excuses are made for the behavior or if it is somehow not within the control of the men because of their raising. Interesting points to ponder and and discuss with others. Where do these men go to find positive role models who can teach them in order to break the cycles of abuse within black communities and others since while it may be more prevalent among black communities it does affect others as well.

    I love the fact that you are bringing up Compassion and the need for it to be extended in order to have hope for peace. The idea and notion of compassion came up in our workshop on Friday and leads me to ask whether you think compassion is something that can be taught or whether it is innate and some people can just learn to appear compassionate when they might not be.

    Thank you again for an informative hour of listening and the enlightenment to share. Maine Girl.

  23. AZL/cNcA//4sA85ELrN0R1AOXxsuvGKXHtjFl8YF28I=   On   April 2, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    Good evening Paul and Hope,

    Since the inception of Bridges there have been a number of really great shows, however, I have got to say that this weeks was by far the best one yet. I absolutely love what Hope shared about women’s roles and what we do as women since I believe that they have shifted some and we as women have become more independent and strong. Listening to Hope speak I was overwhelmed at the wisdom she has for such a young woman. Having the two of you do the show together brought a dynamic that was a blessing to hear and once I noticed you were live, see. I would love to hear and see more shows with the two of you since it worked so well and it feels as though the two of you could reach a lot of people perhaps expanding the audience. I look forward to Bridges ever Monday and it never disappoints but there are some weeks that feel like more of a blessing than others and this weeks was one in which the cup overflowed.

    Thank you as always … Much love and appreciation from your faithful Maine listener.

  24. Dave   On   April 19, 2019 at 6:13 pm

    I just really love listing to Dr Paul explain and communicate the relations of emotions and the science of living in today”s world

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