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Offering Alternative Wellness Tools & Perspectives

Evolve Wellness offers support from Life Mastery Consultant, Dr. Niki Harings, offering alternative wellness tools & perspectives that, when willing, can allow the challenges we face become the mechanism that helps us grow instead of keep us stuck. Niki shares learnings from her own health challenges and interviews leaders making profound positive changes in their lives & communities, inspired from the challenges they’ve encountered! Evolve Wellness offers hope, empowerment, inspiration and a sense of community.

Dr. Niki Harings is a certified coach through the Life Mastery Institute and the founder of Evolve Wellness, where she offers coaching, yoga, Reiki and essential oils to help her clients improve their overall quality of life. Niki supports individuals as they become more aware, awake and aligned with their purpose through a holistic approach. Niki has a doctorate in Biology and slowly shifted her focus on alternative health modalities. Niki herself is a living testament to the power of her work. She was diagnosed with stage 3 squamous cell carcinoma while 36 weeks pregnant in May 2018. She underwent conventional treatment and supported her mind & body with all the unconventional tools she is here to share with you.

You can find Dr Niki at: Evolve Wellness

To download show MP3’s, please visit this link: https://www.spreaker.com/show/3398162

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