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“There was a whole different world outside of the bubble I grew up in! Thank goodness I found it!” ~Calynda Triffo Everyone has a story... Calynda was raised in a large family, excelled in school, started in the corporate world in her early twenties and became a single mom of two. Being responsible for two children meant she had to do double duty... it eventually caught up to her. Battling debilitating anxiety disorder and panic attacks became a daily reality. Searching relentlessly for solutions only led her to medication that made her feel numb. At 36, life looked bleak, with little hope. In 2009, everything went wrong. Deaths, failing career, declining health, lost relationships, accidents and depreciating finances were all challenges she was facing in addition to her diagnosis. Her insides felt like they were going to explode with her digestive system not working properly. Funerals were the new family gathering and she finally collapsed after losing an uncle to lung cancer. All the specialists, doctors and experts had the same answer... there wasn't a cure for the emotional pain, just pills to cope. That wasn't good enough. Calynda was determined to get her life back! In 2012, she discovered the cause of her anxiety, gained perspective, released the trauma and hasn’t had a panic attack since.


That wellness journey led Calynda to 14 certifications and she developed two modalities of her own. As the Heartmending Mentor, she has dedicated the rest of her professional life to help people find the source of their emotional pain rather than numbing the symptoms. In 2016, Calynda published “Journals of a Loved One” to provide information to those supporting loved ones diagnosed with lung cancer. It is her diary and outlines the discoveries, emotional journey, decisions made and what her family did to make the journey with the terminal illness bearable.

Calynda now shares her experience, gifts and expertise with those that need her help in getting answers and results in finding the cause of emotional pain. For more information, visit www.heartmendingmentor.com.


“The most important thing to understand is memories program your body with fear and limiting belief systems. Undercover the ones causing your pain and you will find a solution!”  ~Calynda Triffo

YOUR MIND is the only thing that has the answer to your challenges. The problem is, 90% of your mind is controlled by your heart. The other 10% is your thoughts. Your bodies immune system is designed to protect you from illnesses. There is also an emotional immune system designed to protect you from heartache. It remembers every moment of your entire life.

The first word most babies learn is “NO”. How many times have you said “NO” to your dreams because you have remembered a time someone instilled their fears into you? Those moments are like stored boxes filled with things you don’t need. Are they serving you? Are you ready to learn how to find the source of your challenges? Most importantly, are you ready to get rid of them?

Using a combination of experience, education, and intuition, Heartmending was developed to detect the memories that created limiting belief systems, fear and insecurities; then provide perspective to release the emotion to give you the freedom to become the best version of YOU… filling your heart with love, joy, peace and confidence!


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Reader's opinions
  1. Jen Belt   On   December 20, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    My heart-mending session with Calynda was both enlightening and mystifying.

    Her process of “drawing out information” leads the client down a path of self-discovery that hardly feels guided– yet it is.

    I was left with an “a-ha” moment that was literally right under my nose all along, but must have been blocked from my own psyche’s view for whatever reasons.

    Calynda cleared that block via a process I still don’t completely understand. I can only best describe it this way: a little talk-therapy mixed with numerology and possibly some virtual reiki.

    A mix of clinical counseling and metaphysical magic.

    I’m not even sure if any of this is correct, but I do know this: it worked.

    I immediately felt focused, fearless, and encouraged after a single session with Calynda Triffo. For me, it doesn’t really matter HOW it happened– just that it DID.

    –Jen Belt

  2. Calynda Triffo   On   January 2, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    It was a pleasure to work with you Jen! Thank you so much for your feedback explaining your experience. I loved reading your testimonial. Stay amazing.

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