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I Am The Storm covers a wide variety of topics including various aspects of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) such as Rapport Skills and Reframing, Hypnosis and the variety things it is helpful with, Changing limiting beliefs, Dream interpretation, Archetypal Imagery, Weight Loss, The Ketogenic Diet, Channeling, Out of Body Experiences and other aspects of Metaphysics.

While the widely varied shows will address those specific topics, there will be a general, overriding focus on challenging rigidity of thinking and encouraging the flexibility of mind and fluidity of consciousness that will be essential for navigating the quantum changes that have already begun and will accelerate in the coming months and years.
The last century came in on the horse and buggy and went out on the Challenger. These were huge changes but miniscule compared to the changes that are already going on in this century. These are exciting times but can overwhelm when we cling to rigid ways of thinking. And even the most flexible among us have areas of rigidity that we may not have yet recognized.
You will never be asked to believe what is presented. You will be asked to consider the possibility.
This is a call-in show. You are encouraged to call in: 1-866-451-1451. Ask questions, contribute, challenge, call the host out when she reveals her own unrecognized rigidity.

Storm coming down
Rain and wind all around
Shaking foundations
And waking to see
Love for the knowing
And knowing the Love
Storm coming down
With blessings to be

To download show MP3’s, please visit this link: https://www.spreaker.com/show/2854424

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