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This show Interior Design for the Soul is about coaching both from the client and coach point of view.  Each session covers a wealth of ideas and storytelling.  Since I love to share the depths of a person’s journey, I will use mostly my own life story and the stories of people who are not presently part of my life to keep confidentiality.  I will also invite a few friends of coaching to share from their point of view and expertise.


The topics that will be covered are:

• Introduction to the show:  who am I, how I identify myself as coach
• What makes a coach a viable answer to today’s world
• What kind of coaches work with people even if they don’t call themselves a coach
• How do you know you have a good-enough coach for your needs
• What happens at a coaching session? Part 1
• What happens at a coaching session?  Part 2
• Stories of coaching:  transition coaching
• Stories of coaching:  retirement
• Stories of coaching:  balanced life or leadership (depending on interest)
• Stories of coaching:  creative living
• Stories of coaching:  spiritual life
• Techniques of coaching:  creating options
• Techniques of coaching:  focusing and attention-building
• Techniques of coaching:  courage and resilience
• Techniques of coaching:  body-centered
• Questions about coaching that came from our audience

My own journey started at DePaul University, continued at Villanova University and then I received my doctorate at the University of Denver/Iliff in psychology and world religions.   Lately my inner work led to more study and a coaching certification at the University of Texas at Dallas.

I work on the phone, through Skype and in person at my office.  My phone number to chat with me, send me a message or ask questions about coaching is 720-500-5422.  My email address is  and my website is


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