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Late Night with Cornell, featuring host Cornell Bunting, will highlight some of today's intriguing talent across every platform and musical genre, as he showcases their beautiful minds. 
Cornell will discuss their journey and how they developed their achievements through all the good and all the bad. Cornell will also help you to understand how they got to where they are with some of the greatest lessons they learned along the way. 
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learn from those who call in, as you will discover new interests in the world of entertainment! 
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As a motivational speaker, Cornell Bunting is also viewed as an inspirational speaker. His speeches are intended to motivate and inspire as he attempts to challenge and transform his audiences. Young adults in the UK have called his speeches a real ‘pep talk’. 
As the master of ceremony, Cornell interacts with the crown at outdoor events, along with the performers, giving continuous gratitude to event sponsors, and helping them to manage the performance schedule. Cornell also enjoys interacting with stage DJs or Bands members as well.

Born in Jamaica, and running the streets of Islington, along with some up bringing in Bristol, England, Cornell is now a single father of three boys. He is a published author, who started writing in high school after reading 19th century poetry work. Soon after, he decided to develop his own scripts for stage drama plays where he also played lead rolls, which led him to numerous acknowledgements. Later, returning to writing in earnest he now shares his wondering mind with children and adults alike.

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