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The CORE BOSS Trainer

Life presents experiences that add a layer to who we are and how we see the world, affecting how we communicate. Tune in as we take apart the layers and create new ways to connect and build relationships on our way to becoming C.O.R.E. Bosses. Your C.O.R.E. Boss trainer is Lydia Taggart! It's a show for busting through the layers.  Get ready to connect at the CORE!


As mother to quadruplets and two other children, Lydia Taggart was often asked how it felt to walk on water. More often than not she felt like she was drowning with all six of her kids being born within 4 years. She delved into studying every possible relationship tip to help her family. Nearly eleven years later, Lydia is most passionate about helping people communicate effectively and create connections that can grow and last the test of time. As she implemented her communication skills she realized how central those skills are to relationships and happiness. She now teaches her FRAME Formula, a Complete Communication and Connection System to mothers so they can form relationships with their children that are truly enjoyable. When her quadruplets were born her family went through every emotion and trauma you could imagine, almost.  No one died. But they did go through having an Asperger’s diagnosis and a four year old yelling he would rather eat a cow pie than eat something his mother made, to that same boy as a ten year old insisting that her recipe for peanut butter and jelly should be on every restaurant’s menu. She loves seeing the same changes in the families she helps bringing them from a place of stress and disconnected chaos to peace and cooperation.


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