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Paranormal Psychic Investigations, Interviews and More

Where we talk about all things paranormal from around the world!  Fun, informative, fascinating!  If it can’t be defined by science, we want to hear about it and explore – from UFO’s, Aliens, Ghosts and Big Foot to Faith Healing! Let’s Talk Paranormal is hosted by Catherine Ferrier of www.AHealingLifeCoach.com.  Catherine is a dedicated and world traveled Paranormal Psychic with more than 33 years of reputable experience.  Being a naturally gifted paranormal psychic, author, healer and investigator, Catherine provides a unique paranormal environment for the show!


Let’s Talk Paranormal comes to you with live paranormal interviews, paranormal investigations and more!   Audience Interactive via email! (ParanormalVoice@yahoo.com).   Contact Let’s Talk Paranormal with your stories, comments and interests!


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