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Addressing the social, emotional and spiritual issues

Addressing the social, emotional and spiritual issues and experiences surrounding our lives from a biblicalworldview. Lifecyle represents a series of stages and experiences which onegoes through or pasess through during one’s lifetime. The purpose of the show is address matters ranging from self-care, trauma, grief, personality issues to include what is going on in our society in the area of relationships, making good decisions, and spiritual matters.

Dr. Kenneth Jones is an accomplished conference speaker who speaks to many churches and groups on biblical leadership and current church issues. He shares over forty years of ministering and leading, speaking to spiritual leaders on how to be an effective leader in the church, community, home, and even at the job. He is currently the pastor of Practical Living Ministry, a church dedicated to teaching biblical principles for practical living. He is also the presiding state Bishop for the State of Virginia, World Harvest United Churches.
From a rural town in Louisiana, Dr. Jones grew up in a large southern family. He began his educational journey attending Southern University in Baton Rouge and later joined the US Army, serving his country as an officer and later as a contractor with the pentagon. Realizing the importance of education, Dr. Jones has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice. He is currently completing his master’s in counseling at George Mason University.

Dr. Jones received his doctorate in biblical studies, biblical leadership, from Master’s International University School of Divinity. Dr. Jones also has a Ph.D. in biblical counseling and provides instruction to pastors, elders, and lay leaders on how to effectively counsel and minister to individuals, families, and communities.

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