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Marilyn Redmond was born in Seattle, WA and graduated from Western Washington University. She has three years of graduate work including the University of Washington. Marilyn retired from teaching and become an ordained spiritual minister to do spiritual counseling along with instruction in healing, regression, past life therapy, and other related training. As a psychic / medium, she connects beyond the veil. 

Her pioneering and innovative work in restoring traumatic lives, healing emotional causes of illness and releasing negative energy, restores health and reality. Her understanding and wisdom of the human dilemma and the solutions will work for your, too. Marilyn uses groundbreaking techniques as a Therapeutic Hypnosis for healing the root or origin of your problems, which removes the symptoms and heal the circumstances. She helps people attract their prosperity and health. You can learn the secret!
Marilyn teaches in colleges, wellness centers, and for metaphysical groups. She has lectured and presented workshops for Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. since 1996. In addition, she is an award-winning international writer, author, and columnist appearing at universities, colleges, seminars, retreats, wellness centers, adult education, and conventions. Marilyn does volunteer work in abuse, addictions, and dysfunctional families. Her efforts lead to her many videos, now on YouTube and DVD including, “Domestic Violence” and “Empowerment”.
Her first book is “Roses Have Thorns, Encouragement from Evolving from Pain to Joy”. It took 25 years to write, “Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You” which she calls “the ultimate how to book for self-help”. Other books are “The Real Meaning of 2012, Bringing a New Paradigm of Heaven to Earth” and ‘ “Road to Success”. Marilyn latest book just out is “Finding Reality Beyond Fear”. All her books and eBooks are on
Marilyn’s experience is varied including art commissions. She does inspirational art of your personal guardian angels, which she sees, portraits of family, pets, and other artistic paintings.

Marilyn is a member of the International Board of Regression Therapy, American Board of Hypnotherapy, and is a lifetime member of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment.
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Lectures, interviews and spiritual information visit Marilyn on You Tube!

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Reader's opinions
    • Valerie Mapua   On   May 23, 2018 at 5:27 pm

      Love never Fails. Marilyn I love your shows. Easy to follow honest thank you for giving me a better understanding of love never fails. God. I really didn’t understand that. Your shows give me wonderful guidance.
      Look forward to Tuesday.
      Love your follower

  1. REMA STRAUSS   On   June 8, 2018 at 7:51 pm

    I can always hear the love you emanate come through in your voice. I loved this episode on angels! Your stories are so wonderful to listen to.

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