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If something is out of sync in one area, it will show up somewhere else. So, be honest and ponder what’s going on in your life. What needs to shift? Who or what is suffering?  Whether you’re interested in making lifestyle changes, discovering your life purpose, planning a career move, or improving your effectiveness as a leader, a coach can help you challenge your thinking to uncover new possibilities.  A coach is someone who empowers you to pursue targeted action towards measurable results.


A coach is a catalyst, a co-creator in the transformation of your life, your career, your team, or your organization.  In addition to personal coaching, Rachel Foster Coaching & Consulting has helped many businesses transform their corporate culture, increase productivity, work through sensitive issues, and develop compassionate and effective leaders.  Rachel Foster is a sought after coach, consultant and facilitator with over 30 years of experience working in a variety of sectors, both public and private, and serving diverse clientele across a range of businesses, not for profit organizations,  and professionals in North America and the UK.

Also a seasoned and engaging speaker, Rachel has presented at numerous conferences on energy management, leadership, communication, mentoring, and coaching as a success strategy.  Founded in 2002, Rachel Foster Coaching & Consulting is a boutique company created in the spirit of service with a vision to support and inspire people to be the best they can be and to connect people in mindful communication.


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