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Devoted Mother, Spiritual Leader

I was born and live in Warren Ohio, I have lived in Trumbull county all my life, I have lived in my present home since 1989;  As a child I knew and felt things that I thought was normal.  As time went on I found out differently.  As a mother of 3 I could always tune into my children and I knew what they were up to and if they were safe and OK.  My son when he was small thought I could see through walls.  When they became teenagers they threatened to stop watching movies with me because I would always know who did it and would know what was going to happen.  My oldest would bring home friends and dates and ask me what I really thought of them, I still didn’t realize I was gifted.  Raising 3 children on my own and working in a factory was a hard load to carry,  but I am grateful for every minute of it.


I believe your life, choices, and decisions make you who you are. I started my journey of tapping into spirituality and metaphysics 20 years ago,  I have been very blessed to be able to travel, study, and work all over the world.  My service to spirit and my constant communication with angels keeps me balanced and grounded.  I am truly honored and blessed for all that the Universal Creator has given me.  One of my side jobs that I enjoy and that helps me to relax is making Jewelry.  My creations of unique handmade jewelry goes under the name of dancing feather designs,  I work with swarovski crystals and natural stones, I put a blessing in every piece. I have my own church called the Heart of Spirit which I started in 2006.  I am teaching a minister’s class.  My services are only once a month because of working fairs and teaching classes, which is all can usually plan.

Thank you for taking an interest in my biography,  please feel free to check out my website and email or call me for info. where I will be teaching, or speaking (or check out upcoming events on my website) or if you want to book me at your function or to have classes.


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