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Are you stuck? Are you making yourself miserable with your own inner bully? Do you feel cursed and doomed to suffer through loss after loss and can't handle it anymore? Well, when I felt this way I began to take up masonry because all these losses started stealing my love and shattering my heart. That's why I spent my whole life building that beautiful, triple strength, heavy duty wall around those broken pieces..I started searching for myself as I was building and constantly reinforcing those walls! It was exhausting! What I never realized along the way is that my missing pieces were never really missing at all. My wall was actually standing in the way! Forced to make difficult choices, I knew I needed to tear down that wall in order to locate my pieces again so I could start gluing THEM back together. Well, now that those missing pieces are whole again I decided to share my transformation stories to perhaps inspire others who might be stuck and to help them locate their missing pieces so they can stop their painful searching and being IN the pain to Release that just enough to start mending your missing pieces. Start healing with your missing pieces now.
Theresa Hauser is a Spiritual Life Coach specializing in Authenticity to help men and women around the world to reconnect their ‘Missing Pieces” and move forward with new vitality.  Theresa specializes in Authenticity to help men and women around the world to reconnect with their inner TRUE self and successfully move forward in life with new vitality and purpose.  As a loss survivor Theresa understands the overwhelming damage that can take it’s toll on your emotional well-being, your mental view of the world and the relationships around you. The physical pain from avoiding your fears and constant worry and thinking that was the right way to “BE” just to stay strong and get through the day. That is a vicious cycle and continues until it is changed. It needs to STOP! Things do not simply get better as is.  Because fear always forces change and change is difficult, especially when you are lost, broken, confused, or simply stuck Theresa helps you heal from within and guides you through your overwhelming feelings of separation and loss. Together, we will embrace your True Self in newfound confidence and rebuild your inner Spiritual Self to re-activate a balanced, happy, and truly authentic life.

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