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Depressed? Overweight and leading a sedentary lifestyle? Then you've come to the right place; "My house My Foundation." My house My Foundation is an open discussion of the various issues that are causing every day people to submit to a life that’s less healthy and less fulfilling.

My House My Foundation serves to investigate this national dilemma of poor health and lack of time for physical activity as we look into the lives of real people, real situations and the reasons behind the declining health of health-conscious people today. Guests are invited to talk, examine and explore the health and wellness aspects of their daily life.

Why are we constantly stressed? There usually is a pattern. Let’s sit down, have a cup of coffee and discuss and examine the details of our daily schedule to find out what self-care can be implemented. Dr Murad will also assess our physical activities as a nation and why we mostly live a sedentary lifestyle. Why do we have gym memberships and home exercise equipment but never seem to have the time to go to the gym or to exercise at home? We’ll look into fitness choices and will discuss different exercise routines.

Each week Dr Murad will examine her guests’ personal lifestyle in order to help bring about healthy and positive changes to their life and wellness by finding a solution to their fatigue and constant lack of vitality. Guests will realize the obstacles blocking their healthy habits from developing and learn how to employ simple solutions to overcome their daily wellness hurdles. How you can incorporate natural exercise into your daily routine in order to add more physical activity and mental clarity to their years? Let Dr. Murad show you easy and effective every day changes that require less time with minimal effort to maintain.

Dr. Mariam Mira has over two decades of international experience in health and wellness; she specializes in teaching natural exercise to less active every-day individuals, CEOs and executives. After years of global learning and experience she founded the “Movement is Blessed” program and has been over a dozen national recognitions in 2017. Now available in braille, Vietnamese and Spanish with more translations coming.

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