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My Strategy is hosted by John M. Hawkins, the author of Coached to Greatness, Building a Strategic Plan for Your Life and Business, and Affinity. John is your 'personal' growth coach. Just like elite athletes get to the top of their sport with the help of coaches. In order to help you create your best life, My Strategy will provide coaching, inspiration, motivation, advice, and discussion on your personal development in order to help you with the best decision making possible. There is no better teacher than accomplishment, and when we reflect on what motivates us; rediscover and assess our core values, philosophies, and learn from others’ experience we can accomplish great things.

John is a coach, leader, and three-time author. John has developed a genuine interest in helping others achieve their potential, which is the topic of his third book “Coached to Greatness.” John has over 20+ years coaching and consulting.

John was born into a large family in Torrance, California, where he lived with his father, mother, and six brothers and sisters. John has a large extended family with over eighty-one first cousins. John’s father was a carpenter, and his mother a certified teacher who put teaching aside so she could be with her seven children.

At age 7 John learned the value of hard work by going to work with his father on Saturdays and after school. John continued working with his father until he went off to college. After college John worked his way up in the corporate world where he started in technology, working his way into strategy, leadership, and coaching.

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