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Permission to Thrive is a highly anticipated weekly show that promises to inspire you to reclaim your confidence & live your life happy, healthy, & free.  Why would you want to just be surviving this life, when you could be thriving? Its host, award winning body confidence & worthiness coach, Jamie Michelle, brings its listeners the real truth about what it means to be healthy, & it has nothing to do with dieting or killing yourself in the gym.  Jamie brings a fresh, fun, & exciting new perspective on what it means to really “have it all,” & invites some of the personal development industry’s top thought leaders into the discussion each week. Allow yourself to be lifted to a new level of happiness & experience life the way you were meant to. Give yourself the permission to thrive!

Jamie Michelle is an award winning body confidence & worthiness coach. She
helps women release crippling thoughts of self-criticism & remember their
true worthiness so they can live their lives healthy, confident, & free.
Jamie is a master of teaching others how to balance the three pillars of
life: our minds, our bodies, & our spirits. Jamie is so passionate about
showing her clients, her audience, & her listeners how to go from barely
surviving to truly thriving in their lives. She is a teacher, a healer, a
helper, a coach, a motivational speaker, & a woman with a powerful mission
to help heal the pain of our collective humanity by sharing her Knowledge &
Truth with the world.

Jamie’s major focus right now is helping to help chronic dieters release
patterns of self-sabotage & anxiety-provoking food rules so they can
finally know their true worthiness & discover their inner power to
transform their bodies & their lives. She found her career through her own
battle with massive feelings of unworthiness that manifested into multiple
eating disorders & a near-fatal exercise addiction. As a result of years
of self-induced starvation & exercise abuse, she developed & was diagnosed
with PTSD. When her body was non-responsive to conventional medical
treatment, she searched for a different solution & found it within
herself. Now she helps women who are experiencing those feelings of
unworthiness to heal their own bodies & transform their lives by using
energetic & spiritual healing modalities that you would be hard pressed to
find anywhere else.

Jamie has been in the Fitness & Health industry for nearly a decade. She
has a dual Master’s Degree in both Fitness & Wellness and Wellness
Coaching, she is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Precision Nutrition
Level 2 Coach, a certified body image coach (Hungry for Happiness), and the
recipient of the 2019 Top Body Image Coach of the Year award through the
International Association of Top Professionals.

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