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You can create miracles in YOUR life!

We all want miracles! Prescription For A Miracle with host Dr. Julianne Blake is going to empower everyone, because we all have immense potential to create our personal miracles! Are you sitting around waiting for somebody else in your life, maybe even God, to make them happen for you? That’s not how it works! The fact is we all have the capability to make them ourselves! Dr. Julianne Blake is a spiritual psychologist who has focused on healing cancer and autoimmune disease, creating radiant health and transforming anxiety and depression into unfathomable joy! Dr Blake is here to give you the tools and the ability to access your full potential, so that YOU can create miracles in your life, in your health, in your finances and in your love life! You can create whatever you want most and it’s easier than you think!

Women all over the world struggle with stressful symptoms of chronic
illness that take the joy out of life, like pain, anxiety, fatigue,
digestive problems, insomnia – and most of all, emotional stress. Based on
experience with her own autoimmune disease (multiple sclerosis) and 18
years specializing with women battling cancer, licensed psychotherapist and
coach, Dr. Julianne Blake offers invaluable inspiration to empower you to
supercharge your energy and access your ability to heal.

Julianne’s professional and personal experience have underscored the
immense power of emotional and mental issues in both creating and healing
disease. She incorporates the latest research on the power of brainwaves,
DNA and energy field healing, taking her clients by the hand, step by step,
from dread, paralyzing fear and self-sabotage to knowing first-hand that
they are fully in charge of their own health (and their life)!

Dr. Blake says: “I want my clients to take excellent care of themselves.
They break through the barriers to realize that they can do what they love,
live in their Joy, and change the condition of their body –  no matter what
it is. As a result, they step up and embody their vision … and they become

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Reader's opinions
  1. Michelle Tabako   On   November 7, 2019 at 9:36 pm

    Hello, it’s Michelle from this past weekend with Tracy…. Love this talk show… Made it home just in time to sit and listen uninterrupted .
    Wish our health Care would recognize Eastern medicine more. Glad I have a Chinese Dr…. He listens very eagerly when I ask about certain foods or spices to aid healing…I hope to inspire him to learn more and teach other doctors about his culture and their healing practices.
    Keep up the great work and God bless you

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