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Have you ever wished you could just ask what your soul purpose is; why you feel stuck; or what you’re “supposed to” do for your career, relationships, or spiritual growth - and get clear, direct answers? Well now you can! Rebecca Ann, an expert Akashic Records Reader who has helped thousands of people privately for the last 14 years, is now available to answer your questions!

“I work as a team member with the Akashic Masters, who keep your soul path records, to get you spiritually accessed, yet highly detailed, practical, and strategic information about whatever you want to know,” says Rebecca Ann.

Things you might want to ask about include:
Interactions with friends and family; Romantic longings or conflicts;
Soul purpose; Spiritual growth or path; Past lives;
Repeating patterns and behaviors; Recurring dreams.

Quite wonderfully, the Akashic Masters and Rebecca Ann transmit healing energy to you as they answer your questions, clarifying struggles, illuminating your path ahead, and empowering you with the freedom to choose new ways of being.

“Even though I was intuitive from childhood, and spent years training and working as a medium, energy healer, and astrologer, it was only when I began reading the Akashic Records that I truly began living my passion!” says Rebecca Ann. “It was then I also realized that all the other studies and training I’d completed were, mainly, to help me become the best Akashic Records Reader I could be.”

While some people think the Akashic Records are mainly about past lives, because you’re alive and still evolving, your most important life is the one you have now! And according to Akashic teachings? Little about your soul plan for this life is pre-ordained. Yes, you do create a general plan before birth – but how that plays out in your life is subject to constant revision and modification, as you make new choices. So finding out your original plan AND getting strategies to create more of what you want going forward – directly from your Akashic Records guides – is truly invaluable!

Rebecca Ann has worked as an Akashic Records Consultant since 2005, and as a full-service Astrologer for 20 years. She is also an Energy Healer who uses several methods, including skills learned as a Reiki Master, and as a 2003 graduate of the Barbara Brennan Healing School’s 4-year Professional Healing program. Rebecca Ann holds a B.A. in
Communications, and had practices in the Washington, DC area and Miami, FL before moving to North Carolina in 2006. She now has an office in Raleigh NC, and works by phone and Skype with people all over the world.

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