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The Dana & Dr Pearl Show

The Dana & Dr Pearl television talk show discusses the many aspects that face our elderly community today. Dana Arnone and Dr Sheryl Pearl are on the front lines of our health care system. They provide invaluable information to seniors and their families that cover everything from medicaid, to tips on being safe in the home, to should you or should you not take the flu shot. Join Dana & Dr Pearl Saturday mornings on Optimum Channel ONE at 8:30 am eastern in the New York Metro area. You can visit the show at The Dana & Dr Pearl Show

Dana Arnone:
My name is Dana Arnone. I am a registered nurse and owner of Reliance Home Senior Services. We are alicensed homecare agency serving Nassau County and the boroughs of New York. I wanted to take theopportunity to introduce our company and our mission. Reliance is eagerly trying to change thelandscape and perception of home health care and its workers. How are we doing this?? Firstly westarted a not for profit “All things homecare”. This non-for-profit was started with the goal to assist thecommunity. And for those who may want to enter into the home health aide field of employment. Wehope to get out and discuss job opportunities in this field and the benefits of becoming a home healthaide. Giving workshops in local libraries, community centers and schools is one way we are trying tostart this conversation. Reliance is also the first homecare agency bringing the conversations to the localmalls. Reliance has kiosks in Green Acre Mall as well as Broadway Mall in Hicksville. This New YearReliance will be moving our corporate office to the Massapequa Mall. We hope by opening up in localmalls we will be able to bring the idea of homecare to the people, starting that conversation. Job Opportunities is one of the greatest missions for Reliance. Reliance employs hundreds of homehealth aides throughout the county and looking to hire many, many more. Encouraging and assistingpeople to go to school to become a home health aide is a daily drive for our managers. By raising thestandard of the job, offering 401k and life insurance to all employees, we hope that more people willenter into the field and respect the position of home health care worker. Reliance will assist withpayment and offers scholarships for people to attend school to become a home health aide. Reliance isalso the first agency to offer ESL to our employees. Communication with our families and loved ones isimperative. We at Reliance understand safety is priority and speaking English is a must. We will beoffering English classes specific to homecare and will be a mandatory condition of employment.Reliance also offers a mentoring program. This program assists newly graduating home health aides witha preceptor who can assist and encourage new aides and achieve a positive work experience. Success asa home health aide is not always easy. Many situations can affect the outcome of a new employee.Having a mentorship program can help a new aide in the transitions to the home.Lastly, at Reliance we really care. We listen to our employees and the families we care for.Communication is always at the top of our compliant list. In an effort to facilitate better communication,Reliance developed our own APP. This App was designed to bring together the agency, family and homeattendant. Better communication will assist the agency to ensure a positive outcome with ouremployees and families. We also hold a monthly open house for all new enrolled families. We encourageour families to come visit our office, met our staff and ask any questions pertaining to expectations ofhomecare.I hope this givmerica today.

Dr Pearl:

Dr. Sheryl Pearl is a graduate of the University Of Toronto Faculty Of Medicine. She began Medical House Calls with Compassion in 2001 and today serves as Medical Director of the quickly growing house call team.

Dr. Pearl is Board Certified in Family Medicine with added qualifications in Geriatrics, Hospice & Palliative Care. Additionally, she has 20 years of experience in house calls and holds a MBA from The Stern School of Business.

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