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A Voice of Positive Planetary Change…. come join us!

BBM is pleased to announce The Oracle with host Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD. Bringing hope to an Awakening Humanity, transferring timely knowledge, alchemical keys, powerful life transforming tools, wisdom, and healing in an experiential soul advancing forum. This show is an extraordinary, deeply sacred, powerfully healing, life transforming experience as knowledge is transferred, callers receive insights and healing, fascinating guests lend their expertise and knowledge to the topic, and the audience undergoes a shift in consciousness, awakening to a greater awareness of themselves, their destiny, and the future. Tune in Weekly to Find Out More About: The Planetary Awakening, Global Renaissance, Alchemical Keys to Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace, Self Actualization, Ascension, Acceleration of Soul Advancement, Healing, Sacred Mysteries of the Soul, Sacred Relationship: A Path to Wholeness, True Wealth: A State of Being and Our Divine Birthright, Destiny vs Fate, TheQuest: How to Heal Your Life, Revitalize your Relationships, and Change Your Destiny, Personal and Planetary Transformation, Earth 2012-2033: The Future Unveiled, the Violet People, Portents of this Historic Time, Sacred Prophecies, Prophetic Visions and more.


Find our More About Aurora and Her Offerings:

RECEIVE AURORA’s MONTHLY NEWSLETTER WITH FREE BOOK – TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny… Filled with exciting offerings monthly… inspiring articles and columns: Insights from the Oracle, Aurora’s Secrets to Eternal Youth, Sacred Alchemy of the Soul – Letters from the Inner Creative Self, Earth 2012–2033 Update, filled with information on the 400 million Awakening Souls she calls the Violet People and why our world will never be the same, the Ascension, Alchemy, how to heal your life and change your destiny,
actualize your greatest potential, and fulfill a destiny beyond your human programs. Each month there are a host of exciting, life changing offerings via the 7 vehicle Global Healing Mission she heads.

Dreaming of a Sacred Adventure?… where you are completely transformed? Join Aurora on The Oracle Sacred Destiny Cruise.. A Journey of Awakening through the Ancient Temples of Italy, Greece and Turkey in September.

VIRAL! SPREAD THE WORD!!! Exciting FREE interviews, global healings, Divine Healing Transmissions/Activations, timely information on the Coming Times, Earth 2012-2033 updates, healing music and More! Aurora’s Youtube Channel:

CHECK OUT AURORA’S VIRTUAL HEALING TEMPLE/CENTER and its vast array of life transforming sessions with a team of advanced healers from Soul Remedy, Sacred Alchemy, TheQuest, Transformational Hypnosis, Ho’oponopono sessions and more under Healing Menu button at:


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