The Secrets of the Scriptures

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Energizing Spiritual Truths that Heal

Dr. Abby teaches people how to bring the power of the Scriptures into their everyday lives in her engaging one-hour show, “The Secrets of the Scriptures. “ Soul-searching questions will prompt you to connect with energizing spiritual truths that heal. Your spiritual journey will accelerate into high speed in the safety and power of the Christ. You will attract freedom, happiness, and success in your life, and learn exactly how to demonstrate these divine gifts in behalf of others as well.

If you think it would be amazing to have the secrets of the Scriptures help with financial issues, heal a physical problem, or resolve a difficult relationship, come and listen. Dr. Abby will move your spiritual study into a living sense of oneness with God — the I Am, the unconditional Love, the Creator of the universe.

Each show features no less than six wonderful spiritual ideas with exact instructions on how to apply these truths that open the door of your heart and soul for the power of God’s law to operate for good. This is no fluff, no theory, but rather hands-on serious, practical, and exhilarating work as true modern-day disciples.

Dr. Abby, owner of Scriptural Study Center, offers workshops, seminars, and exceptional online Bible study courses that teach the secrets of bringing the power of the Scriptures into everyday life. Her many inspirational public speaking engagements include venues such as the Southern Women’s Show, prisons, interfaith groups, women’s shelters, hospital chaplain groups, and more. She has been actively engaged in her Christian healing ministry for several decades through private practice, speaking engagements, and online teaching. She notes that it is “vitally important to get the spiritual meaning of the Scriptures and to understand how our thought, imbued with the light of Love and power of Christ, directly impacts our experience for good.” Dr. Abby holds a BA in English, from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington; an MA in Multicultural/Transnational Literature, from East Carolina University; and a Ph.D. in Theology, from the Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary. You can contact her by email:, to schedule a workshop on the Scriptures, or request healing prayer.

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  1. Jenny Grace Morris   On   April 6, 2018 at 8:54 pm

    Abby was my neighbor many years ago. We often talked about God and the healing power of Christ present today. One time I tripped and my foot became swollen. It was so painful to move or even stand. My daughter had a homeschool program to attend the next morning. I reached out to everyone to get her a ride. Then I called Abby and told her about my foot. She said she would pray for me and reminded me that God heals. The next morning I was completely free of pain and walked around like nothing happened. Everyone at the homeschool program was surprised to see me. Praise God!

    • Abby Parsons   On   April 22, 2018 at 3:55 pm

      Jenny, thank you for sharing this wonderful example of the healing power of Christ. This coming week, April 26, I will be focusing on how to bring the healing power of Spirit into our lives more and more — essential steps to take in following our Master, Christ Jesus, in knowing Truth (John 8:32).

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