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Everything is Energy

Ken Lee is the founder of ”The Way of Energy”. An integration of all the Science, Religious, and Spiritual technologies he has studied over the last 40 years as part of his quest for spiritual truth. He made a request to the Boundless, “Teach me, show me the truth” he opened himself to receive all the Boundless as to offer, which led him on a path of endless discoveries. Beginning with different denominations in Christianity, to the creative principles of WICCA, through Quantum Physics to 10,000-year-old Aztec plant medicines that open doorways to other dimensions, to “Know” to the fullest extent of the word with Kabbalah and Scientology, and to flow with the Energy fields of Reiki and sound waves of the primordial Ohm.

Although his training is not complete, it continues as he begins sharing this technology with the world in order to help others live life on purpose.

His mission is simply:
To coach, mentor, and train individuals and groups on proven experiential technologies that empower and inspire them to apply the optimum solution for success without violating the rights of others.
These two foundational principles are the cornerstone for The Way of Energy. It integrates the spiritual sciences with physical sciences making a complete unified field of creation.
The Way of Energy is also a system of religious therapeutics, wellness, health, wealth, healing, and martial arts. In Indigenous Traditional Medicine, humans are described as being conduits between the twin powers of the Celestial influences and energies of Heaven and that of the Terrestrial influences and energies of the earth. In a way we are how the Boundless feels wet grass and sees the stars.

The Way of Energy uses these technologies to empower and inspire us to perform at our peak. This enables us to make dramatic changes within our lives and the lives of others. By living life on purpose we avoid the distractions of the things we don’t want and help us focus more clearly on the things we do want. He served in the US military over 34 years. During that time he faced many challenges that enabled him to practice what he applies here at The Way of Energy. He uses his experiences to help others become great leaders in their own lives and live their life on purpose.

The key to success is applying the Optimal Solution without violating the rights of others. This idea creates a win win situation across the greatest number of Dynamics.
He is currently a student in the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine to become a Doctor of Natural Medicine. The current technologies he uses in his practice are: Thai Yoga, Ayurveda Wellness Counseling, COR.E Performance Coaching, Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Certified Empowerment Coach, Health and Wellness Coach, Trauma Coach, Dianetics Auditor, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, Reiki II practitioner and a Second Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwan Do. He is a Master Resilience trainer, and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Technique trainer. To wrap this up into one package he is an Ordained Minister on a mission to bring people and technologies together for the fullest expression of peace, wellness, wealth and loving kindness.

The Way of Energy came about when he discovered that underlying everything is Energy, energy in different forms of expression, but still energy. He began to understand the commonality between the Seven Technologies was energy. Understanding Emotional energy levels, he developed communication skills that directly related to the emotional level of the individual. That ability enables him to communicate with anyone and solve problems. He also understood that all aberrations experienced in the body are caused by a disruption of the bodies electrical system. Once identified, the energy causing the aberration can be redirected back in line with the bodies normal energy flow and the body can heal itself. This goes along with emotional injuries and physical energies.

The Way of Energy is a Spiritual practice for those individuals who don’t have a connection with Judeo-Christian religions, but are more inline with nature, science, and the monistic theory of the universe – the theory that One is All, and that All is One, that one Boundless manifests itself as the seeming many elements of the material world. Soon, there will be a sanctuary where like-minded people can come to practice their sacred modalities in peace and harmony with nature.

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