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“When I was young, I fell in love with the stars, and in return, they showed me the light.”........Anonymous The Wisdom of Astrology + The Knowledge of Psychology = A Match Made in Heaven! Were you aware… that at the Exact Moment and Location of your Birth you were Powerfully Infused with the Divinely Inspired Energies of that Singular Point in Celestial Time and Space? Have you ever wondered… what both Astrology – the Ancient Science of the Stars – and Psychology – the Modern Science of the Mind – can Reveal about Your Own Earthly, as well as, Divine Path? Would you like to… more fully understand Who You Are, Where You’ve Been, and Where You are Going, not only as a Human Being, but as a Spiritual Being? If so... then please join Teresa Betcher, professional astrologer and social worker, for Celestial Insights into yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you! Discover the Heavenly Wisdom within your Divine Design, Divine Purpose, Divine Path, and Divine Timing….  

Teresa Betcher, M.S.W., is a practicing astrologer, with a background in psychology and social work. Her passion for the secret language of the stars was first ignited at age 16 after discovering an astrology book at her local bookstore during the mid-1970s. Throughout the years, during her free time, she regularly studied and practiced this ancient science with the help of family and friends. After first working for a time in the business world, Teresa returned to school to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Social Services, with a Minor in Psychology, followed by a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Working for both community agencies and as an independent contractor, she provided counseling and support to people of all ages in many different settings.

In 2004 Teresa decided it was time to unite her love for astrology with psychology, and she launched her own private practice, Celestial Awakenings Astrology. Since then, she has offered a variety of personalized services based on clients’ numerous questions and concerns about their lives.

These have included:
Individual consultations for adults, teenagers, and children
Relationship consultations to support couples, parents, siblings, friends, and other relationships
Specialized consultations that offer guidance regarding
vocation (career counseling)
location (the influences of different geographic areas on an individual)
elections (the best times to “birth” something new or schedule something important)
spirituality (divine purpose, karma, life lessons, etc.)

In addition to her private practice, Teresa has been a long-time member of both the National Council for Geocosmic Research and the International Society for Astrological Research.

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