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Dare To Take Charge of Your Life

"My Passion: is to enlighten, inspire, and dare people to take charge of their life being healthier, happier, and heart-centered." "I am a guide, a catalyst for change. I invent ways and processes for doing anything, especially for communicating. I laugh easily and get others to laugh. People say I change the energy because I am eternally positive. They say wherever I am I seem to cause things to shift and get better. I am curious, playful, inspiring and empowering. I see wonder and magnificence all around me without judgement or attachment for we are much more than our physical appearance."


Barbara has worked as a Certified Nephrology RN for 17 years with the last 5 years as Educator, and as the weekend Charge Nurse in Residential Hospice facility for nearly 8 years.

She embarked on a new career path 20 years ago when she moved to East TN and created Rose Wellness. She has had life-long interest in health and nutrition, movement, prayer, meditation, and the connection that they all have to each other and to health and wellness. She believes despite what is going on in our environment, everyone can be healthy.

“I have faith in people’s ability to heal themselves, if they are supported and guided toward their goals. My passion is to inspire, guide, and teach people who are willing to take the required action steps. People may decide to take what I offer and use it as a guiding force for changing the state of their health, or not. The choice is theirs. Rather than push, I offer guidance without judgement or attachment to the outcome. I believe in adaptability—that one works with what one has.”

Visit Barbara: www.RoseWellnessHealthCoaching.com


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Reader's opinions
  1. Heather   On   July 19, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    Nice show! Thanks Barbara Rose! And enjoyed hearing about the different breathing techniques from Teresa McKee

  2. Donald Wassenaar   On   August 27, 2017 at 5:54 pm

    Great show Barbara You got me thinking of how i can better my life by eating better and listening to advice from someone that has experienced difficulties as well Thank you and Keep Rock_In

  3. Jeffrey Pahl   On   October 24, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    Great show and inisghts I feel so much better listening to someone with your experience and knowledge I understand you have or offer workshops on health and wellness as well as Reikii I am very interested as well as some of my hospital co workers to attend one of your workshops. Give me some information or a web site and prices Thanks Ms. Rose

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