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Susan Winebrenner is an educator, a parent and grandparent, a widely published author, and a public speaker.  She has worked with schoolteachers, administrators, and parents is almost every state in the United States, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and Australia.  Her books have helped teachers and parents do whatever is necessary to make sure their “kids” make at least one year’s academic progress for every year they are in school.  The methods she shares are totally practical, easy to implement, and well received by the target students. The program describes Susan’s beliefs that before significant changes can be made in a person’s behavior or level of success in their present environment, they can benefit from becoming aware of how their present thoughts may be contributing to their unfavorable outcomes at home, school, and/or the workplace.  They can then learn how to replace unhelpful thoughts with those that are much more likely to lead to desired success.


Susan’s expertise with educators has centered on her work with students at both ends of a learning continuum.  Her work on behalf of gifted or advanced students is well-known worldwide.  Her work on behalf of students with learning difficulties has allowed her to apply what she knows about how to structure successful learning experiences for students of all ages and at all levels of learning success.

Later shows in this series are dedicated to helping listeners cope with other life challenges including interpersonal relationships, learning how to stop listening to your inner critics in favor of listening to the more helpful messages you create, dealing with health concerns, planning for the lives of people with disabilities after the parents or caregivers are no longer living, and other topics as well.

Susan’s style is friendly and down-to-Earth.  Audiences in diverse locations agree that she is easy to listen to and learn from, and that her advice has helped many improve their success and happiness levels in many types of settings.  Susan extends a sincere invitation for you to listen the broadcasts of her show YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK!


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  1. Nancy Laughrey   On   January 14, 2016 at 9:18 pm

    I once met this woman in Milwaukee. She and I went to lunch a few times. I know she was a committed fifth grade teacher but never thought she would be so successful later in life. Listen to what she says. I have! And I am a better person for it. Is my microphone working?

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