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Your Golden Hour with Myriam Turcotte is about opportunities to enhance our lives. In this hour we will discuss topics that will help us grow at the level of spirituality, understand the lessons life gives us and grow exponentially to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Life on earth is a mission and many of the answers are inside of us. Myriam will interview experts on the areas of metaphysical, astrology, spirituality, life coaches, therapists and many others as they share their own life experiences and secrets for success from which we can all learn. We can develop better habits and attitudes and integrate those into our everyday lives. Myriam will help you increase self-awareness, self-empowerment, self-enjoyment, happiness, enlightenment, and to raise your level of consciousness to make you stronger and to live life fully. Ultimately, it is only when we shift our belief system that, we as a society, can change our direction.

Myriam Turcotte was born in a coastal town of Puerto Rico, grow up in Catholic School. A graduate of University of Puerto Rico with Bachelors in Plastic Arts and a minor in Humanities. Lover of photography even without technical training. In 2014 started writing articles that relate to spirituality and empowerment. She has worked for fortune 500 hundred companies like Tyco, Abbott, Motorola and currently at Philips. Life was not always easy and interacting with so many people throughout her life has taught her the basics of reaching common ground and remain level headed even in very intense situations. A recent widow she is on the search of spirituality, self-empowerment and raising the level of consciousness. Nothing is off the table for this quest. This show is here to find the best practices for each one of us to reach happiness, discuss law-of-attraction and all the things for improving our lives.

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Reader's opinions
  1. Cosima   On   September 29, 2019 at 9:00 am

    Hello Golden Hour, I have followed Pamela for years and I am interested in her background experiences, and ways she developed her abilities. I know this last week’s interview was not the first one. Unfortunately it is not included in your archive. I would love to hear it. Cosima

    • ettocrut940657061   On   October 3, 2019 at 7:39 pm

      Hi Cosima, Glad that you are interested. The show you are reffering is episode #7 and it is a discussion about the Law of Attraction. If you click on the circle with the i shows details where Pam is a participant. Thanks for taking the interest in the podcast, my best wishes to you

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