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The ABC’s to Live Your Life Fearlessly

At the end of the day are you living your life on purpose? Are you putting on your oxygen mask first? We all have a purpose and passion. We all have a genius inside us, and we all have that potential. The key is trusting yourself and granting you the permission for you to believe in you. Whatever your dream life looks like, I am here to not only tell you that it is possible, but to help you make it become a reality. However, it is up to you to allow your- self to unleash your potential. Activate Bold Choices and live the live that you want and deserve fearlessly and unapologetically. My goal was to live the life that I had always desired and envisioned. Now that I have been able to achieve exactly that, I have a new goal: To help as many people as possible to achieve their vision as well and hence the cre- ation of this radio show, “Activate Bold Choices: The ABC’s to Live Your Life Fearlessly.” Not only will I share my journey with the listeners, but my guests will share their journey, "AH HA” moments, and what being fearless means to them.

Robin Joy Meyers founded her company Navigate & Empower on a mission is to educate and empower women to unleash their potential and live fearlessly and unapologetically.

As a life strategist, Robin has more than 25 years of experience in the cor- porate and non-profit world in leadership and training as well as a Masters of Science in Molecular Genetics.

Today, Robin is an Amazon best selling author of “Alone but Not Lonely,” as well as an international speaker, retreat leader and radio host. Robin has spoken on numerous size stages including Fearless Women’s Summit of Canada and is a two-time participant in Tricia Brouk’s NYC speaker salon. Give yourself permission and begin living fearlessly!

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