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ATTENTION MATTERS will talk about why the kind of attention we get and give to others is vital and impacts our behavior and our feelings. People can remember forever the kind of attention that they got from teachers,  parents & grandparents, dentists, from everyone in their lives, specially when it feels good and/or feels bad. Alice will give you tools to intervene in your Attention Factor!

Called a humanist since 1977, Alice Aspen March founded the non-profit organization FACT, (Focusing Awareness on Children and Television) and became its executive director, allowing her the key role in keeping Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood on PBS. Over the years, she exchanged programming ideas with Fred Rogers and maintained a lasting friendship.

Alice also created and co-produced the Emmy-nominated Documentary, Latch-Key Kids, narrated by Christopher Reeve; this show was responsible for releasing money from the California State Legislature to develop extended after school programs. The National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) recognized her expertise, when they invited her to speak at their La Vegas convention to 2000 Programmers.

Today, she is known for her innovative work on attention. After discovering that her teenage son was abusing drugs, she was determined to find her role in his self destructive behavior. After 4 years of substantial research, and an epiphany, she created “The Attention Factor ®”. Her mission now is to provide tools, insights and an innovative perspective on how to consciously give and receive quality attention.

Alice has presented her work world-wide to business, fitness, academic, medical, parenting, healing and legal audiences: to people of all ages, races, and incomes.

She continues to hear from people: “Why haven’t we heard this before?”

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