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If you are familiar with her work and who Sonic Nova is at all, then you know quite well that she is a highly sought-after psychic healer, clairvoyant, remote viewer, and medical intuitive. She has thousands of testimonials on her website that attest to this fact. Some readings, however, call for her to bring out her shamanic powers more than others. This often includes utilizing her knowledge of herbal cures, homeopathy, and natural supplements – while still saving clients tons of money in the process compared to what you would normally pay most “alternative cure” specialists. This includes other alternative cancer cure specialists, as well (Sonic has cured many clients of the “C” word!).


Sonic Nova has lived through two near death experiences, where she actually died on the hospital table and resuscitated herself back to life; during these two life-changing NDE events, she encountered benevolent celestial beings who gave her guidance. In that higher afterlife realm while she was physically dead, what Sonic calls “The Avatar Group Consciousness” let her know that once she returned back into her body alive, there would come a time in her future where she would become their messenger or their communication vehicle for the time they choose to visit our dimension to deliver their messages.  From time to time she temporarily becomes a vessel for them to be here in physical form via her body-temple, in order to deliver their message and heal people who are ready to become coherent with the higher frequencies and be healed.

Sonic offers those who are open to great transformation and integration in personal or business affairs, insight into ALL aspects of life. She provides stimulating and awakening and assistance with self-integration and achieving a state of inner peace, thereafter shifting your awareness into a grander consciousness of who you really are! She can assist you in reaching a heightened awareness in order to have your transformation and create your desired personal goals and outcomes!

Services she offers (in person, remotely and through her website):

1) Psychic reading: One-on-one body, mind, or spirit seeing of a client with express need for resolution of relationship, personal, health, career, finance, or other issues.

2) Channeling/Mediumship: Ability to act as a literal medium for disembodied personalities or spirits who bring forth messages through Sonic to benefit client in terms of closure, communication, or insight on personal or universal/global issues!

3) Remote Viewing: Literally like being a psychic detective, being able to see a love match for the client, job opportunity, or other as-yet unattainable or unforeseeable thing or event that helps them achieve resolution.

4) Medical Intuitive: Like being a human MRI scanner seeing into client’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health, and making analysis and program for treatment or remedy.

5) Life coaching: A larger umbrella-term for seeing into all aspects of a person’s life and being able to see probability factors or “future potential” which aids the client in gaining perspective and advantage where concerns health, career, relationship, finance, etc.

Sonic Nova’s Education and Credentials,

Silva Mind Control Institute, Graduate (Mexico City, Mexico) (1971).
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification – Anthony Robbins Institute (1997).
Core Quantum Method Healing Energetics Certification (2003).
Managing Dir. of and OBELLC (2007).
Ordained Minister and Dir of AVATAR GROUP UNIVERSE~CITY SOCIETY Ministry (2009).
Managing Dir. Living Sea Organics LLC, a health supplement company (2012).
Academy Of Remote Viewing & Influencing Reality, Graduate Certified RV-RI (2013).
Globally Certified Life Coach -Level -Expert- by Expert Rating (2016)
Director and Producer of Surfing the Cosmic Waves a live and interactive internet radio show where we explore our multidimensional, true and Divine Nature! Since 2014
Published Author of -WE ALL GO TO HEAVEN When We Stop Creating Our Own Hells (2014).

Sonic was the Director and Producer of “Beyond The Living – OBE” multimedia Internet radio show. She served as the personality host for this show through the Internet for several years in the following topic: “Beyond The Living” she used her talents as a spiritualist and intuitive channel, which she has been since she was a baby. She helped people calling into the studio with questions about beloved deceased relatives and other personal questions answered by the angelic realm–just like Edgar Cayce did when he was alive and more currently somewhat like John Edwards has done on his shows.

Her career as an Internet Multimedia Radio Show has included hosting such renowned guests as David Icke, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Susan Norgren, and many more!  She has interviewed many famous people in the area of personal growth such as John Assaraf from the movie “The Secret” in her show.

Sonic Nova, your host of “Beyond The Veil”, is a live and interactive internet radio show on BBM and Tune In radio who looks deeply past the veneer of this 3 dimensional reality matrix constructed by the Cabal/New World Order. In case you’re not familiar, this is a conspiracy/manipulation of the masses that has been going on for thousands of years. This mastermind group or shadow government running this world is called or known as The New World Order – Cabal – Calabrian Mafia – and Illuminati amongst other nefarious titles. The focus of their tyranny upon humanity is to create a one-world totalitarian hegemonic government because they are under this illusion that they are OUR MASTERS and we are THEIR SLAVE RACE. Their intent is to control every aspect of ALL societies living here on Earth. These include: the legal, political, and religious systems (which are one and the same), the financial industry, the entertainment industry, the main stream media industry, the food industry and distribution system, the pharmaceutical industry and distribution system, the allopathic medical industry, the upper level educational industry, the prison industry, the military industrial complex, the property land industry mortgages, the insurance industry, the mineral and fuel industry, the water you drink, the food you eat, the air you breathe, allowed to procreate or not, etc. Sound familiar? Does this have a ring of truth and consequence? If so, then stick around and tune into “Beyond The Veil” with your host Sonic Nova and her expert guests in these fields!

If you want to live in freedom, have free choice, maintain your right to eat healthy food and spiritually evolve, it is critically important to know what is going on “Beyond the Veil”. These are things that the mainstream media will never cover–quite the opposite, they deliberately obfuscate the truth. That’s because mainstream media is the mind control arm of the New World Order. If we don’t stand up for our freedoms, who will?

“Beyond The Veil,” with your host Sonic Nova, brings you great reality content in the following areas: Holistic Health and Wellness Solutions, Hidden Mysteries, Paranormal Occurrences, ET’s and The Occult, Environmental News, Free Energy Technologies and their cover up, The Real Law of Man/Woman (Common Law), Globalist Conspiracies and cover ups, et al.

In each new segment we will bring our experts to share such truths with you and enlighten and brighten your day or week with planetary solutions, and explore our multidimensional true and divine nature that lies beyond the veil!

If you would like to book a Radio interview event or media interview event on Beyond the Veil with BBM and Tune In radio show, please contact Sonic Nova by email, at, and she will work on scheduling you on one of her upcoming shows.


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