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Bridging People To the Universal Truth

Patti is intuitive. She hears frequency. She downloads the information and translates it into a language in a physical realm. Patti serves as a conduit to others. Patti utilizes her gift of clairaudience to help by bridging people to the universal truth. She coaches people with her soul coaching method to help them find their truth so they can live their lives authentically and joyfully.

Patti also facilitates The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT),
Which is the method of the master, the late Dolores Cannon. This
technique has profoundly changed many lives by bridging them to the
Higher Self/Source of Knowledge to help them receive the quantum healing
and the answers that they seek.

Once people learn about themselves in a simple way which is the way the
universe designed it, life can be with ease and with more joy.

Patti has walked many paths, received many different trainings and she
appreciates them all. She has found a commonality from all the methods
that she has learned in Vipassana Meditation, Qi-Gong, Silva Mind and
Body Connection, Reiki, Pure Bioenergy, Traditional Hypnosis and Quantum
Healing Hypnosis Technique. All serve as a basic essential foundation
in working with energy. She accepts her important role as a bridge for
humanity to the universe and is honored to have a platform hosting a
radio show voicing the knowledge of the universe, “Get It Straight
From The Source.”

Patti was seriously ill with an auto immune disease and after she
miraculously overcame her illness, she started walking her journey into
the learning of anything that she came across that was intriguing to
her. After she received many forms of training, she realized that the
most important learning One must do is to know Oneself. This is the
amazing power within us that can either enlighten us or destroy us. The
magic lies within the choice that we make and we must learn about all
the highest options that we have, so we can choose wisely, successfully.
The gift of free will is so precious that when we utilize it as we
understand it, it will help us thrive through any circumstances. Patti
has walked that walk and has experienced joy, bliss, inner peace and
harmony and it is in her purest intention to share her truth with anyone
who seek.

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