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Go global or go home!  I’m Tresté Loving and I possess over 20 years of global experience.  My Going Global show provides current issues and edgy solutions.  Phenomenal organizations have phenomenal global strategies and that’s what you’ll from Going Global. With a staggering economy facing the world today, it’s easy for many businesses to sink, drown, and disappear amidst all of the current obstacles. What if there’s a way to stay afloat? What if there’s a way to maximize your business’ profitability and effectiveness with all of the pieces you have right now? This is where Treste Loving and Simple Innovations Business Coaching can help.   With over 16 years experience, Treste Loving has assisted many in the private sector, as well as the U.S. Navy, in organizing business development. It was in the Navy, where Treste saw the power and opportunity for utilizing diversity.


“I grew up as a minority in my hometown where we supported each other. However in surrounding towns, it amazed me to see how people tried to hold down those who were different, without even knowing them. When I came to the Navy, people of all different backgrounds worked together much better. There were some serious issues and certainly room for improvement just as it is now. I worked my way up to become an Equal Opportunity Advisor for the U.S. Navy,” exclaims Loving.  The Navy is the leader in diversity management of all the services. Treste held her position as Equal Opportunity Advisor/Diversity Officer, for 14 years with the Navy. In that time, she successfully assisted the Navy in managing over 62,000 employees, while improving employee retention by 85%, in 8 months and boosting employee morale by 82% in 6 months.

As if this weren’t enough, Treste was also the recipient of six Navy accommodations for superior performance including, her most treasured one, due to losing three outstanding Sailors and friends, leadership and management in a crisis situation during 9/11.   In 2009, Treste took her knowledge and experience to create Simple Innovations Business Coaching, based in San Diego, California. The services provided by Simple Innovations Business Coaching include diversity and inclusion coaching/training, presenting employee solutions, and overall business consulting.   In a short time, Simple Innovations Business Coaching has consulted for companies and agencies of many shapes and sizes incorporating her international experiences she learned from five different countries in the Navy. The process, as Loving says, “begins with education in diversity. Let’s identify our differences and start using them to work together more effectively. It’s essential for any business.”   Through training, employee engagement, and measured accountability, businesses can see greater performance from their employees, which will certainly raise a company’s bottom line. This is another key service, which Simple Innovations Business Coaching provides. Treste’s proven excellent skills are still brought in by the U.S. Navy when issues and concerns arise. The future is certainly bright for Treste and Simple Innovations Business Coaching as news of their effectiveness and success is spreading across the globe.


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