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Personalities and Careers Can Fit Together

Tap into your inner being and discover the tools needed to find your life-fulling purpose.  This is Live Without Limits with host Davida Shensky.  Davida will discuss how our personalities and careers can fit together or how to adapt your personality for your career.

Davida Shensky, Career and Personal Development Strategy Coach, located in Deerfield Beach, FL has been self-employed for 30+ years. Being a “Disabled American” being educated prior to IDEA and entering the workforce 12 years before ADA became law, she faced many challenges when it came to employment. When she couldn’t find gainful employment, she decided to start her company on a shoestring budget and faced many hurdles to marketing and growing a business prior to technology.
She has used her experiences to educate and help clients to grow a business from scratch and take it to a 6 or 7 figure income. Through Davida’s show we will discuss ways you can work from home to build a successful business as you re-enter the job market.

Davida Shensky started Career Performance Institute in 1983. In 2009 she looked to establish a NPO—International Disabled Entrepreneurs, Inc. to fill a gap of serving “Disabled Entrepreneurs” who want to have their own business. Rehabilitation Services serves the disability community to help them find gainful employment but not to help them learn the skills needed to become entrepreneurs. The needs of people with disabilities who decide to become entrepreneurs are different because they don’t always have the same opportunities of abled-bodied in the workplace and don’t savings to build a business with. IDE, Inc. would offer grants or low-interest loans to help people with disabilities build a business, offer training and resources for getting adaptive software and a computer to run a business. Any help you could give to help establish this endeavor would be appreciated.

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  1. Andrew   On   January 17, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Live Without Limits is a great show. Excellent variety of topics with good takeaways for living a better life. Listening to Davida is like getting a pep talk so look forward to hearing more. Very motivational.

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