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Mikaya Heart is an award-winning author, a spiritual mentor, an adventurer in many realms, and a long-time student of the nature of reality. She grew up in Scotland and moved to the boonies of northern California in her thirties, where she built her own house out of recycled lumber, ran an organic market garden, and raised free-range hogs. In 2000, she had an epiphany, sold her place, and took to the road. She traveled solo to many parts of the world before settling (at least temporarily) in Hawaii. Her greatest passion is kitesurfing, which she finds to be a profoundly spiritual pastime, and therefore she spends a great deal of time following the wind.

My Sweet Wild Dance, which is the story of her personal journey from anger to joy, was described as “soul-refreshment of the highest order” by one reviewer and received a Golden Crown Literary Award. Life, Lies, and Sex: A User’s Guide to Being in a Body is her most recent book. Her other books include With the Sun in My Eyes: the true story of shamanic practitioner and psychic reader, Maria Raindancer, and The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women. A book about her travels is in the works.
Mikaya has been studying truth and reality since she was very young, and has spent a great deal of her life alone in remote locations where teachings come through Nature, often as upgrades to deeper states of awareness. She has also studied with teachers such as Angeles Arrien, Brooke Medicine Eagle, and Dayana Jon, who communicates directly with a group of beings called AMAG. For the last twenty-five years, AMAG have been a constant and very supportive presence in Mikaya’s life.
All Mikaya’s writing and teaching are about empowering people to operate from a place of trust instead of fear. Although frequently described as a spiritual teacher, she is primarily concerned with helping to dispel the many lies we are taught as we grow up, so that we can understand the true nature of the physical reality in which we live. Paradoxically, this is about developing awareness of the vastness of being, which may be experienced as one’s own personal inner wisdom, since that sense of vastness stems from within. Mikaya’s principle teaching tool is the journey of consciousness, also known as a shamanic journey. She is now specifically offering weekend and day-long workshops on the Art of Manifestation and the Process of Awakening.
Her authenticity and her broad perspective on the reality unfolding around us make Mikaya a powerful guide as the planet goes through these very intense changes.

Living in the New Paradigm: Humanity is in the middle of a very rapid evolutionary shift, often described as awakening or ascension. We are graduating from kindergarten, and stepping up to take our place in the cosmos! As changes are occurring on all levels, it often feels like our footing is uncertain, and we can’t work out what’s what. This show is designed to ease the process, and help to access sources of assistance that may not be in human form. We all have many unseen guides who can light our way. Mikaya talks about how to bring that 98% of reality that is unseen into a comprehensible perspective. Understanding that broader viewpoint enables people to get a grasp on their place in the vastness of All-That-Is. We must let go of our preconceptions and cultural judgments, and get in touch with our original intentions, set before we were born.
Mikaya also discusses how to allow life-force energy to move freely through our bodies, which is the basis of good health, and how to utilize the power of thought very consciously, so that we can manifest what we want and not what we don’t want. Formulating the correct question is often the source of the answer: what we need to ask first is not “How do I manifest this?” but, “Who or what is it that is doing the manifesting?”

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