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Coming January 24th!!!! Has a loss or major life change made you wonder who you are now? Do you find yourself afraid of what the future will be like? Are you doubtful about how to reclaim your life? Do you wonder if you will ever be happy again?

 Bringing together tools and strategies from her 40+ years of counseling practice, coaching techniques, and her spiritual journey, Trudy Rodkin Tobias, MSW, LCSW, on her show, Reinventing Yourself At Any Age, will lead you down the path to knowing how to:

 Be strong in the face of adversity
 Conquer fears about the future
 Take emotional risks
Improve relationships with yourself and others 
Make important life decisions
 Reinvent yourself to become your most authentic and joyous self And create a life you love Now! Each week Trudy will share information and proven techniques that listeners will be able to immediately apply to envision how they want their lives to be, gain courage to make the necessary changes, overcome obstacles which may arise, and take actions to reinvent themselves and create a life they love.

Trudy Rodkin Tobias is a licensed clinical social worker with decades of experience in mental health settings and life coaching. She is the founder of Truest Coaching and also Truest Life Counseling. She is a life-long learner professionally and personally, who has experienced a lot of changes and transitions in her own life. From losing an infant at age 38; to becoming a mom through adoption at age 40; to moving to the Southeast from the Midwest at age 58; to changing career directions and leaving a long-term marriage in her 60’s – Trudy knows personally that it is possible not only to Reinvent Yourself at any age but also how to grow and thrive in the process! She truly “gets” the struggles and the joys of reinventing oneself, and is on a mission to help other women do the same.

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  1. Charlotte LeHecka   On   April 29, 2020 at 5:28 pm

    Really enjoyed this presentation. So appreciated the clarity with which you explained the importance of recognizing our mindset and how we can change it. It was also great, as always, to hear from Dr. Vaughan.

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