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Luscious, Soul Filled Life

Do you want to create a luscious, soul filled life, one grounded in purpose and meaning? A life dripping with joy and oozing with delight? Join Hostess Shyralee as she explores the beauty of our existence. Listen in weekly to activate more fully your "big picture" neural pathways designed to guide you in the creation of your very best life.

We will explore big, juicy questions like:
What is the difference between eternity & infinity?
What is the Spirit World like and how do we know?
How does Soul Age work?
What is a Higher Self?
What is an Oversoul?

Shyralee will teach you:
Simple steps to create a delicious, satisfying life no matter your circumstances.
Soul Hacks to develop an anchor that keeps you grounded through the turbulent waters of life.
How to fuel the God Spark in you.
The brilliance of becoming an Abundance Head.
How to find your life Purpose.
How to explore the “So Much More that We Are”.

Shyralee is so much more than your average inter dimensional seeker. She a practical, no-nonsense nurturer. She spins her magic to make the world a better place for all. Shyralee’s expressive nature calls forward her wise woman within, attracting common sense teachings, channellings and healing music to help her listeners come into the light and move more easily through the shadows to create the most delicious life possible. Shyralee is a mentor, healer, musician & singer/songwriter. She brings together her experience as a teacher for the International Institute of Hand Analysis, her ability as a hypnotist and training with Oversoul’s to help bring to the world a more full understanding of Soul Psychology (the eternal perspective of all the souls existing in a quantum way in eternity).

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