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Your Guide to Spiritual Growth and Healing

Befriend your spirit guide and behold your truth! Berena Wise, CPT, founder of Berena Wise Healing, shares her gifted and diverse talents in spiritual healing on the Berena Wise Healing Hour, a weekly radio broadcast here on BBM. Join her each week as she guides her listeners on a spiritual journey that will enlighten even the greatest skeptic! Berena’s gentle, honest nature allows her to cultivate a spiritual bond between her client and their spirit guide, opening the doorway to endless possibilities in spiritual growth and healing. Berena Wise, a multi-dimensional healer, is trained in various disciplines so that she may provide each client with a comprehensive and needs-specific healing session.


I grew up part of a military family and had the opportunity to live in many places and was exposed to many cultures and religions. This was a good life, but was also confusing and raised many questions about life and religion.
I spent most of my adult life in study, trying to find a comfortable “fit” for me.  For me, my “fit” came in the discovery of Angels and Spiritual Guides, the Universal Source and the Universal Energy Healing modalities.
I have had the honor to study with many wonderful talented masters and healers.
My goal is to provide the best possible service to my clients. The healing techniques I use are:  Acutonics (Sound Vibration Healing), Color Puncture, Reiki, various Energy Movement techniques, Crystals, and Native American healing techniques.  More than one technique may be used during a session.  I use intuitive bioenergetics and focused intention to determine which techniques will best serve my client at that present time.
I am an Ordained Minister and provide intuitive counseling. MEMBER OF THE PMA, (PASTORIAL MEDICAL ASSOCIATION)
I am self-taught in intuitive Tarot and Angel Oracle card reading. I use a multi-deck method of reading, which gives a very good validation of the messages.
I am always adding new tools to my toolbox to keep my service fresh and up to date to better serve my  Clients.

Modalities offered:
• Acutonics (sound Vibrational Healing)
• Color Puncture
• Reiki Master
• Family B.E.S.T.
• C.O.R.E. (Cell & Organ Regeneration)
• Shamanic Healing
• Energy Movement Facilitator
• Crystal Healing
• Cold Laser Therapy
• Psych-K
• Custom Healing Pouches
Tarot/Angel Card Readings
• Spiritual Counselor.

Acutonics  – Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, Santa Fe, NM, Instructor, Jan Lanning .
Spiritual Intuitive Counselor
Reiki Master/Trainer – Bhakti Academe, Safety Harbour, FL., Instructor, Dr. Jim Greenwood.
Energy Work for Enlightenment (Exemplar Program) – Bhakti Academe, Dr. Jim Greenwood.
Colorpuncture – Colorpoint Institute
(EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique – Instructor, David Landau Hunt, Clearwater, FL.
FAMILY, B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique)   MORTER Health System, Rogers, Arkansas
C.O.R.E. (Cell & Organ Regeneration)
Cold Laser Therapy
Trained in various Native American healing Techniques and Munay-Ki Rites
I invite you to share with me the wonderful healing power of Acutonics and Energy Work. “Sound and Energy has the power to heal wounds, ignite our spirit, change consciousness and re-unite us with the divine harmonies and rhythms of the universe.”

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