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Learning, listening, laughing and loving!

Rev. Dr. Beth Gioia (A.K.A. the Absent-minded Professor and Smile Revolutionary) and Visual Life Coach, Robin Albright (A.K.A. the Curator of Curiosity and Contemplation) invite you to join them as they celebrate people who share their zest for life, their quirky sense of humor, the undying ability to transform a challenge into a gift, and their quest to honor Champions of Love. The Counselor and the Coach celebrates learning, listening, laughing and loving. It honors divine appointments, and being  perfectly imperfect. Join The Counselor and The Coach as it offers a positive and unique take on the challenges and opportunities of life!  

Rev. Dr. Beth Gioia is a poet, painter, pianist, and professor who is full of love, laughter, and learning. Dr. Beth holds a Ph.D. in Family Psychology and a Masters in Christian Counseling with graduate hours in Historical Theology. After having taught over 50 graduate and undergraduate classes at 8 different colleges and universities, she jokes about being the Absent Minded Professor. She has taught in many disciplines, including Sociology, Psychology, Ethics, Healthcare, Human Development, Business, Counseling, Gender, Leadership, Honors, etc.

She was licensed as a Professional Counselor in Illinois and was ordained in 2009. She founded Pure Intelligence, inc. and Gold Canyon Counseling where she practices as a pastoral counselor.

Because of her own battle with chronic illness the past 33 years, she is able to understand others who are battling pain, and chronic health conditions. As a teen, she prayed, “God send me to where people are suffering and let me minister your love”. She longs to help others find hope in the knowledge of God’s divine love.

In order to stay positive in the midst of health challenges and distract from pain, she brings joy to others, by passing out smiles. She began the Smile Revolution and has passed out over 1600 smiles on a stick.

She is completing a devotional called, “The Comforter”, along with children’s books and a book about her shopping adventures, “It Takes A Village to Wear My Closet.”


Robin is an artist, a speaker, a certified Life & Business Coach and author of the book, TWELVE TINY WELL-BEING TIPS FOR CAREGIVERS. She is owner & president of Robin Albright Studios and offers perspective shifting and hope to those who find themselves stuck.
Robin’s background is sprinkled full of little jobs that offered big positive changes.:  She taught modeling & self esteem, wrote human interest stories for a newspaper, worked as a corporate trainer, etc…
In 1999, Robin founded and developed two popular workshops – “Positive Leadership” and “Legendary Customer Service”, both of which she’s presented across the United States.
In 2008 Robin received her certification from Coaches Training Institute and began offering visual coaching to individuals and businesses. Besides helping clients “draw out” new perspectives, conquer negative self-talk, open up possibilities and attain goals, she expanded her workshops by offering a visual component and adding topics such as Be Your Own Super Hero, Life & Goal Mapping, Mister Pissy Taming, etc… Robin has worked with individuals and teams ranging from manufacturing firms, retail groups, non-profits and educational institutions.
In 2012, Robin’s husband was diagnosed with Behavior Variant Frontotemporal Degeneration.  Her role as Caregiver has added yet another dimension to her business as she’s helped caregiver’s find purpose and re-connect with their true self.
Whether it’s through speaking, coaching or creating new products, Robin adds a creative flair to help clients visually connect with possibilities and options because without options – feeling stuck and hopeless seems inevitable.

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