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Deception vs. The Truth

MYRA JEAN IS BACK FOR SEASON TWO BEGINNING MARCH 12th! Myra Jean Myers is an advocate for the life of women, men and Children, having experienced the deception by the lies of the abortion industry and the wrong ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court January 22, 1973 in Roe vs. Wade.

For 43 years now and for Eternity Myra Jean Myers is forgiven in Christ and set-free to reach out to women and men wounded by the deception, destruction and devastation of abortion.
Myra’s story – “ABORTION HURTS EVERYONE” is available on her You Tube Channel – myoomy1 The DVD is available in 5 languages and sponsorship for producing copies would be much appreciated; as well as, Myra’s second DVD “FROM DECEPTION To HEALING”.

Myra Jean Myers is now serving on the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION of CHRISTIAN COUNSELORS Division Board: Reproductive Loss and Sexual Trauma. Grief and trauma are perhaps the most prevalent presenting issues that clinicians, lay counselors, and pastors encounter today. As desired you may attend the AACC Seminars.

Since 2000, for the past 18 years Myra Jean Myers has been Volunteering with THE JUSTICE FOUNDATION’s Ministry OPERATION OUTCRY. Allan Parker, Founder and CEO of TJF represented Norma McCorvey (former ROE of Roe V. Wade) in her heart felt desire to reverse the case that bears her name. OPERATION OUTCRY is a movement of women and men to end the death of children in the womb and the harm abortion brings to the women, men and families. Myra Jean Myers, along with more than 4,500 women, have filled out Legal DECLARATIONS of Testimony as to the personal harm of abortion. The Declarations are used as research to assist state legislatures and in Amicus Briefs in defense of state Pro-Life Laws.

Women and men who desire to participate in a DECLARATION, may do so online
Women being coerced to abort may receive legal support from TJF’s CENTER AGAINST FORCED ABORTION 1-866-4-OUTCRY, .
All wounded by abortion may receive free counsel 24/7 and referral for local help, hope and healing after abortion.
1-866-482-LIFE (5433)

After 45 years of Deception, there is THE MORAL OUTCRY A Public Petition by American Citizens to The U.S. Supreme Court to end abortion, a crime against humanity. Please read and sign online. Join with 100,000 signers and be represented by Allan Parker in the next Amicus Brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in defense of states’ Pro-Life Laws. Thank you


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  1. Andrea R Sosebee   On   January 22, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    Myra and Nona thank you for your truths on how abortion hurts women and how we can do something about this by signing

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